Wednesday, January 09, 2008


In December, I was the proud winner of one of Karen South's fabric and lace packages, and I wanted to show what I received. She drew 3 names after she hit 30,000 visitors on her blog. I have purchased Karen's packages before, and she always has the loveliest fabric and lace, and button packages. I was the proud recipient of being her not-secret sister years ago. And I was equally thrilled this time.

These came last week, and I just wanted to show my winnings.

As far as the Take It Further Challenge, I was working on it yesterday, and hopefully be able to post progress on it tomorrow.

I had taken a break for dinner last night, John had brought home some fish and chips from our favorite place. I enjoyed my dinner, and then as it was going to be trash day today, took the trash out. The bag from the kitchen was sticking up so the lid would not close and I went to push it down, and cut the last section of my right pinkie, in the last fold. I think it must have been one of those lids from all those cans I opened to make chili a couple of days ago. We got it to stop bleeding, but I spent all evening with a bandage on my finger, and didn't get anything else done. But am able to type this morning with a Band Aid so hopefully after lunch will be able to get going on my projects again.


Candi said...

Wow Karrin, such pretty colors. Looks like lots of fun ahead! I hope your cut is better today. They can really hurt and be a real handicap!
Lots of HUGZ:)

grandma whitey said...

The light house quilt has caught my attention in the upper left hand corner is that your work? I would like to do one for my Mom like that is it your pattern or someone else's?

Lea said...

Hi, Karrin! You are so lucky to win these beautiful fabrics. :-)
I wonder what will you make out of this.... :-)

Lea said...

I forgot to tell you about my DH's former station. It's Camp Pendleton in CA. :-)
Also I'm glad to hear that you love Cheri's SLOL BOM! It's really fun to make. :-)