Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We had Barbara, and her husband Alan over for dinner Saturday night, and I presented her with my January TIF challenge. She was thrilled with it, and the funny thing was, which you really cannot see in this picture, the colors of her T-shirt matched the challenge!

In answer to Lea's question the other day about the rooster blocks, this is a BOM by
Maggie Walker . This I started some years ago.
This is the bottom section of the quilt below.

A Country Journal Quilt

A Country Journal

This is the whole quilt. I have all the roosters and chickens done except the center big guy and the top berry portion. I had put it away and not worked on it for awhile, and took the berry section out to work on it, from which I had all my pieces traced and placement on the background, and the markings had disappeared. So I need to do that over again, got discouraged and put it back in the container. I do need to finish this. I have too much work invested in it already to just leave it. Those berries are itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny!


Gwen said...

I scrolled farther down, to see a larger version of your TIF, and it is lovely! How nice to give it to the friend you admire!

Marilyn Robertson said...

Your roosters are awesome! Yes, this is one UFO that needs to be finished!

Candi said...

Love the roosters Karrin. What a sweet person to give your TIF away:)

Lea said...

Thank you for posting the roosters close up picture!
I love it!!!! Wow, This is sooooo beautiful!
I'm very anxious to see you will start this project again. :-)

tirane93 said...

hey karrin - reload your rr blogger html code - your "next" button is missing and it stalls the circle!

great TIF by the way!

tirane93 said...

wowzers that was a fast fix, thanks!

Meg in Tennessee said...

I have one of her quilts (Maggie Ryan) to do, my
secret garden or cats secret garden, one or the other. I had never done any quilting but I loved the quilt so I got all the patterns, started one, realized it was way beyond my abilities at the time, so I put it away. Now thanks to you, I've got to take it out and start working on it, as if I needed to start another project. Your roosters are wonderful and so is your TIF.