Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I recently joined CQI, (Crazy Quilting International), and am joining in the N2G (New to Group) swap. I finished piecing my block today. It is going to be a garden block. I don't know how it got so dark, these are not colors I normally use. It just seemed to have a mind of its own.

I was recently in the Winter Quilt Swap, and mailed off my quilt to Lea in Japan. She was really happy to get my quilt, and yesterday I received a "Thank you goodie package" in the mail:

A Japanese crazy quilting book that has beautiful pictures
and 4 pieces of beautiful fabric.

The little primitive cat card was so cute. I think when my granddaughter Kyleigh sees this she will want to paint it!

Thank you so much Lea, you really made my day!


Lea said...

Oh, Karrin, Another beautiful block....very rich colors. I never made a crazy quilt before So, I start noticing and studying how to construct crazy quilts from yours. It's fun and very interesting:-)

It's so nice of you to post my presents. Thank you! :-)

Allison Ann Aller said...

I love this garden crazy quilt block! Very rich it is, a fertile ground for your embellishments.
...Thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving your comment. The sea air at Point Bonita was indeed bracing...and full of rain!
;-) Allie

Louisiana Momma said...

now that is one super cool book - I sure would like to flip thru it's pages!!! Love the CQ block too.. reading your blog I realize we are on Fours Season's and the RR together.. we are probably even in some of the same CQ groups :-) Your work is beautiful by the wy :-)