Saturday, January 03, 2009


Fifteen months ago, I joined 14 other ladies in a round robin.
I sent off a bluework sailboat block, and each month we had a specific task to do on the blocks that went around. My friend Jan, the person I sent to added the mariner's compass next, and so on.

Anyway, yesterday my quiltlet came back home quilted, bound and ready to hang. I could not be any happier. It also looks great against my blue walls.

Anyway, RR Bloggers, I am thrilled with my quiltlet, it is perfect and suits our house perfectly! Thanks for all your wonderful work!


Ms. Jan said...

WOW Karrin, turned out great!!

Anonymous said...

This quilt is wonderful and perfect for you!
Kathy B

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I was so happy that I got to quilt this one. It was fun to work on!

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Anonymous said...

That looks really interesting - what a nice addition to your lighthouse quilts!