Thursday, January 29, 2009

Room Progress, 15 Little Quiltlets, UFO nearing completion

I had previously mentioned and posted about my little quiltlet I recently got back after 15 months, on January 3rd. Sharon has a very nice post here about all of the steps we went through, and pictures of all the quilts. We had based this round robin on one that MayBritt at Abyquilt in Norway had previously participated in.

Room progress: I finally got the wallpaper off about half of the room. I had planned to start painting today. But that might change. I had previously talked to DH about taking down the popcorn ceiling. He didn't seem that excited at the time, but mentioned it this morning. I would rather do it now, while the room is half empty and the fish tanks are gone. So we might be doing that this morning.

We are working in sections, as my rolltop desk I use for my business is opposite this wall. I can't really move out of this room until we are done, because the DSL connection which I need for my business is on the opposite wall from this. I am going to have to paint what I can, scoot my desk out from the wall and work behind it for awhile. Also where you can see this ladder, is the window wall, looking out front. I will need to move a built-in bookcase that is on the window wall and all the stuff on it.

This is the bookcase that formerly held magazines, fish tank and a lot of stuff in my office. John talked about getting rid of it, but I am attached to this sturdy bookcase. He probably made it over 30 years ago. He reconfigured one of the shelves so my TV would fit on it and we put it out in the room I sit in when I want to stitch and watch "chick flicks" I was also able to put DGS's toys at the bottom.

On of these days, the plan is to take the paneling out of this room, and I will paint the walls. I don't think this year though!

Last night I was able to finish stitching this UFO. I had started it last year, had intended it for Kyleigh's BD in August, but with Katie's wedding that didn't happen. I wanted to finish it for Christmas, but that didn't happen either, with the cruise and getting back home and it was Christmas.

So I finished the stitchery. She requested a wall hanging so that is all I have left to do. This was from a Lynnette Anderson kit I got a number of years ago. It came out really cute, and reminds me of Kyleigh's cat that died last year.


Moira said...

Cute stitchery UFO! If Kyleigh decides she doesn't like it I'd be happy to adopt it.


Anonymous said...

I love that one. The buttonhole hollyhocks are a good thing to remember, too.