Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cleaning Up My Act, Almost and Apologies

After I finish my current project, which is a UFO, and I can't talk about right now, I have
an even bigger project we are going to tackle, a total redo of my office, and the the section I use for working on paper crafts, card making, stamping, painting. Under all this stuff, my storage for scrapbook papers, magazines, etc. is a bookcase DH built at least 30 years ago. He has been talking for awhile about taking all this "stuff" out of the room, removing the bookcase, and putting in an 8 foot countertop where I can work on my projects. Then building cabinets above and below, where I can put all this "stuff".
After we move this "stuff" and clear this area of the room, I intend to take the beach house striped wallpaper down, and do some faux painting of the walls and we might even get ambitious and take the popcorn ceiling down. This is one of the few rooms we haven't done yet, mainly because of my wall-to-wall "stuff"

The little card table in the corner is where I usually work on my projects that are not sewing or CQ related. This table is also the table I tend to stack things to be taken care of later. In preparation for moving all my "stuff" I have been cleaning up the card table and sorting things, and embarrassingly realized that I had not posted about a few things I should have long ago.

Back in September, I participated in a swap organized by Marilyn, a wonderful mixed media artist and teacher from New York. She had a blog, self-portrait challenge swap. I was thrilled to receive a copy of Marilyn's own self-portrait.

All 6 of the participants self-portraits are shown in her September 22nd post.

When I came across this envelope in my pile of things to take care of later (in this case, getting a frame for this lovely piece), I realized I had never posted about it.

My apologies Marilyn, I am not usually so ditzy.

The other items that I realized I had never posted about was
what I won on Kim's blog sometime right before Katie's wedding. It is a Susan Branch cookbook, which I have enjoyed several times, making I think the apple crisp recipe and also a chicken and sour cream casserole, which were both quite yummy. Kim also sent a long some Susan Branch fabric which I plan to use as a backing for a quilt, when I actually have time to do something like quilting. I had the fabric sitting in my pile of stuff on the little table, waiting to blog about it, and realized yesterday I had never gotten around to that either, in the excitement of getting ready for Katie's wedding, and post wedding running over to the newlywed's house and feeding the cats for several days.

Anyway, even though I thanked Kim personally in an e-mail, I apologize for never blogging about it.

After I finish my CQ UFO, and am able to blog about it, I am looking forward to Cleaning Up My Act and being better organized and a tidier work space. It will be especially nice to have a work table at a more workable level. The card table was killing my back!


Pat Winter said...

It looks like a cheerful creative space to me!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments on my nightlight. I am enjoying it, and plan on making more!!!! I've never used a sticky shade before. It was so easy!

Anonymous said...

What a nice catch up! Your room is going to be fabulous with a counter in there!

Pati said...

How is the room renovation coming along?