Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giveaway, Under the Sea RR

Cathy, is having a giveway for her 100th post here of a bunch of CQ goodies.

As mentioned previously, I joined a 2nd CQ RR. This one is DYB UTS, (Do Your Own Block, Under the Sea). This one consists of each person embellishing the complete block. These are 6 inch blocks. When they get home, I should have 1 to embellish myself. I am thinking this will be a long piece that I can hang over the doorway to my newly painted office/craft area. These will fit the color scheme perfectly.

Friday I ran up to JoAnns and got a bunch of pieces for this RR in fancy fabrics (just 1/4 yards). But then I got home and ended up getting my batiks out instead.

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