Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Slow Room Progress

I have been making slow progress on my craft room/office redo. My progress is hampered if I have a long, long day at work. But it is coming along.

This is the wall that will have cabinets and counters. I painted a base coat of Turquoise Sea, and yesterday I did a rag-faux painting glaze of Spaqua. I really like this wall, although by this photo it is not a true representation of the color.

This is more of the true color. This wall by the closet and the doorway I don't like too much and am thinking about repainting the base coat, and re-faux painting it. I couldn't get the rag roller around on these small areas, and I don't like the way it came out. So unless I change my mind by noon when I should get off work today, I am redoing this wall.

The red, white and blue switchplate don't stay. I just forgot to pick up a new brass one yesterday when I was at Lowe's.

My office section doesn't normally look like this. When I took stuff off the big bookcase, I stacked things on this other one by the window, and this stuff in front of my desk has pieces of the ceiling fan, light and my various painting things, and John brought in a light from the garage so I could see what I am doing.

Next I need to move all this stuff away from the window, and my rolltop desk on the other side of the room, so I can get the rest of the wallpaper off, and the last 1/4 area of popcorn ceiling off s I can finish up the ceiling and get light and fan put back together.

But I am antsy to get all this stuff moved. John has almost completed 1 of the cabinets that is going to go on the blank wall, and he is staining it cherry. Plus yesterday while we were at Lowe's we got the neatest molding, it is like a basketweave (one of my loves, baskets).


Gail said...

How fun Karrin, it will make being in your studio so much more fun to have it all decorated to your liking.
Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

Anonymous said...

Karrin, that is such a huge project! I like what you are doing to the walls. Are you going to keep the closet doors brown?