Thursday, April 30, 2009


We have again been busy with renovations around the house, this past week it was replacing doors. I did not have much to do with it, except making sure the door did not come too far into the house, and helping with shims when the door was installed. This disgusting door was the door from the outside into the garage.

And this is the replacement door. It is so nice, I love it!

This is the door that goes into my little sitting room where I do my hand stitching. This is the new door and I love this one too.

This is the inside of the same door. I made a little shade yesterday for this one. The old door used to have a lace panel, but I am rather tired of that. So I made this shade, that actually matches the ones I made on the French door on the other side of the room. This is the shade up.

And this the the shade down for night time.

I also last week spent time redoing my garden outback, putting in almost 100 bricks on a retaining wall. While DH picked them up in his truck, because of his bad back, I unloaded them and installed them. This was all made possible by the nifty garden wagon DH bought me for Mother's Day. Today I plan to get more soil and bark to go in the new area. Our native soil is so awful, really bad hardpan, and I have to cart in everything I need. It is almost impossible to dig in my native soil.

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FredaB said...

Hi Karrin

As a long time gardener I can tel you that the more compost, peat moss, garden soil that you add will really benefit you in the long run. It makes such a difference in bad soil. Some plants will grow in anything but for your usual garden perrenials they do so much better in good soil.

Good luck with your new garden.