Monday, April 06, 2009

Former "Ugly"Block Transformed

Last weekend we attended an 85th birthday/open house for our son-in-law Jeff's grandparents. We have known them since Jeff and Kristen first got together over 10 years ago. Carmel and Lewis happen to share the same birthday, the same year, so it was a double celebration.

I first contemplated getting them chocolates or plant or flowers of some kind. Then I started looking through my quilts to see if I had any lap quilts, but sadly I have given away most of my quilts to family and friends. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me what I could possibly do as a quick gift. I mentioned in a prior post here about my former ugly block, which I sent around in my small group of CQ friends in a round robin, Susan, Gail, and Moira. My block came back transformed and beautiful. I decided to make a cushion out of this block. I embroidered an L and a C with a love charm in between.

When we presented it to Carm and Lewie they were delighted with it and proceeded to show it to all their relatives coming in the door.

This block was constructed mostly of men's silk tie remnants I had bought years ago in the Bay area I think.

Anyway, I would like to thank Susan, Gail and Moira again for making my block beautiful!

This was the back, which Carm said she almost liked the back as much as the front.

Last week was a hard one, at work. As I do all my transcription work on the internet, the secure server or something got messed up with that virus on April 1st, which didn't bother me that day,
but did the April 2nd. We couldn't sign on to transcribe, or if we could, we would not get a sound file. I messed with different settings suggested by the company on and off for 5 hours, and then was finally able to finish my work. But it made for a very long day. The next day, our company offered a bonus to do extra work, as we were so far behind from 2 days of messed up connections. Added to that, last week I worked on taxes, and thankfully those are done now too.

Today should prove to be a wonderful day, as I am finished with my day's work at 9:30 in the morning. I am looking forward to a day of working in my sewing room, gardening, and maybe painting a small watercolor to use in an upcoming round robin block.


Doris said...

beautiful block, and beautiful cushion finish.Look great.

Anonymous said...

Karrin, it made a beautiful pillow! Great idea.

Glad you have taxes done and got through the mess with the virus. A bonus is nice, too.