Friday, April 10, 2009


I have actually had a pretty productive week this week. I finished getting my back garden
cleaned out of the winter's weeds and got some vegetables and flowers planted.

I also made a major cleanup in my sewing room. I cannot work in chaos, and for the past 6 months or so, my sewing room has been a horrible mess. But I managed to get it cleaned up, and I now have work surfaces to be able to work and cut fabric on.

The first thing I accomplished was making this lotto block for Nancy. It was her month (last month) in our small group that makes a block a month for the person of the month. Nancy chose this Mocha Trails block, in reproduction fabrics.

I also finished working on Moira's block for our small CQ RR I am in. Moira's blog is called Quilted Snail, so I embroidered a snail on one section of this block.

I also did the feather stitching around the curve and the silk ribbon flowers.

This is the whole block. Susan, and Gail, have already worked mostly on the fan part, and it goes next to Candi .


Anonymous said...

What great additions, Karrin. Looks very pretty.

Lea said...

Karrin, I love your snail! *S*
Well, I don't like my garden's snails but yours are darn cute! :-)
Also Thank you for a lovely Easter e-card. You are the sweetest!