Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I'm On a Roll, But Might Have a Squirrel Problem

I was on a roll yesterday.  I finished 1/2 of one of my 2018 Finish-A-Long projects, which was to hand-applique 2 Flourishes blocks, a BOM I set aside years ago.  I finally finished one of the blocks.  I hope to get the second one finished by next week, when I am due to report my progress.

Meanwhile, I have decided to restart Cheri Payne Saffiote's Sweet Land of Liberty.  I had done one block, years ago, then loaned my instructions to someone.  This is my finished block.  Lori@ Humble Quilts was having a quilt-a-long earlier this year.  I have saved her instructions/measurements for the blocks and am planning to work on this.  This is the block I had finished before:

Okay, this is where the squirrel comes in.  I knew I had a bag of fabric in the closet that I had set aside from taking a class years ago.  I thought these would be perfect for this quilt.  They are primitive type fabrics.  What I discovered was that the class was another of Cheri Saffiote's quilts called Crow's Feet in the book Wednesday's Best .  I found that I had 13 out of 36 blocks done.  

Today, I cut and sewed 10 more.  Now I just have 12 more to do, then add the borders, and the applique pieces.

Meanwhile back to the Sweet Land of Liberty, I made 5 of the economy blocks.

I also prepped for my saltbox house.  I need to hold off on this a bit, until I finish my applique on the Flourishes block.

I also prepped 2 more pumpkin  blocks for the Great Pumpkin Quilt.  These will be machine appliqued,  

I tend to sew on my machine, in the daytime, and at night sitting with DH I do hand work.

I think that is all I have going on right now.  Other than laundry.  My machine finally got its new shock absorbers and I have 3 weeks worth of laundry to do.  

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Karrin Hurd said...

I love comments! If you are a no-reply blogger please leave e-mail for me to contact you. I have found recently, that with very few exceptions, everyone is a no-reply blogger

julieQ said...

I Love that...squirrel!! It totally describes my quilting world. Love all your projects in progress!

Susan said...

Karrin, what wonderful projects each one of those is! You're going to be finishing an extra UFO, too. Love your angel. As soon as I have the basket stitching done, I want to get the economy blocks made. I should probably do them first, since they might be quicker! Great progress on the Flourishes, too! I traced 2 Nursery Rhyme blocks at Edi's, so I may have to make one of those my OMG for October in order to get one done soon!

Shasta Matova said...

So many pretty blocks for so many beautiful projects! So did you get your pattern back for Sweet Land of Liberty or are you winging it like I am?

Robin said...

I did the same thing that you did. I made that angel block (and the checkerboard block) 5 1/2 years ago and then put it away. I am so glad for the SAL this year because I was motivated to get it back out and finish it. Love your pumpkins!