Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Plugging Along

I have been plugging along on the two items I am working on, hand quilting the Angel quilt, which it would be hard to get a good picture of this, and working on the redwork owls.

Back in July, when I participated in the Christmas In July Blog Hop, hostessed by Sara @Confessions of a Fabric Addict, my project was a redwork table runner.  I talked about it here

I originally made 6 of those string-pieced trees, and it made the runner too, too long.  So I saved those trees and the scraps I used, and I plan to put the owls surrounding my extra 3 trees.


Meanwhile I have been undergoing a little bit of aggravation, I think it is worked out now.  I have an old Bernina Artista embroidery machine.  I wanted to embroider some designs on some sweatshirts for Christmas.  I had a laptop with my embroidery software on it that I used to transfer my designs to the embroidery unit.  I have not done any embroidery for several years on the machine, and I have not tried to use the laptop for several years.  Well the laptop will turn on by not boot up.  The laptop is Windows XL, as is the embroidery software.  I can't install my old software on the new operating system.  I used to have a thing called a Magic Box to transfer designs to my machine, but the same thing, it worked on an older operating system, and I can't install the driver.  The Magic Box is out of business, so I can't upgrade it.  I really don't want to spend the money right now to get my laptop fixed.  At the time I bought the embroidery software it was quite expensive, and I sure can't afford it now.  I was even going to install my backup disc into the laptop, but the door won't open!

Well this morning on researching, I found that Bernina had a free embroidery software you could download.  So I have it installed on my PC.  I'm going to bring my sewing machine and embroidery unit into my office and PC and see if I can now transfer designs to my embroidery unit.  That was the beauty of the laptop, I could take it to my machine hook it up, and I was ready to go.  

The sad thing is the laptop has hundreds of designs I downloaded, many of them free, I don't have access to right now.  

Wish me luck that this works!   Thanks for stopping by




Nicole said...

Pretty redwork table runner! You will enjoy that for the holidays!

Danice G said...

Very pretty work. I love red work. So sorry about your laptop. Any chance you had it backed up with an external hard drive? Then you might could transfer the designs to a new laptop. Could you email the designs to yourself (to your email account)?

Susan said...

Those two will be nice companion pieces, if you didn't give the Santa away. I like the owl even more now that he's finished. I don't know what it costs in CA or for Windows, but here I pad $40/hour for a man to pull things off my old hard drive and put them on a backup drive I could access from anywhere. The backup drive was about $70, I think. If you can find someone there to do that, all your old designs should be available.

Or perhaps the Magic Box can be fixed? Because of upgraded OS, it probably wouldn't work to go to Costco and get one of the $140 Chrome Books, since the software probably wouldn't work on it now. But maybe investigate whether the laptop can be fixed? Or an older version of software could be installed on a Chrome Book? It still isn't free, but less expensive.

I hope your fix of the Bernina software works!

Frédérique said...

Lovely project, right in time for Holidays!