Saturday, September 04, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching

 Another busy week has gone by.   Granddaughter Kyleigh and Jeff made it back to Boston, with stops at Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore along the way.  They did get to see a buffalo this time around.  

I drove Kristen to the airport on Thursday, where she joined them to help Kyleigh moving into her dorm.  Meanwhile I am providing Keaton with meals, and giving him rides home from school after water polo.  

Keaton and I went out to the Farmer's Market and swap meet this morning.  I was able to find my special ingredient herbs for my potato salad.  I have not been out there in a number of years, but was running out of my special ingredient.  They had two rows of vintage cars which we enjoyed looking at.  I had hoped to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant I used to enjoy, but apparently they aren't there anymore.  

Sunday night I plan to make a seafood chowder and focaccia bread for Keaton and I.  

This week I was able to get my tea towel finished, and I have been working on a couple of secret projects by hand.  

For Slow Sunday Stitching this week, I will continue working on my secret projects.  I will be linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Head on over and see what everyone has been up to.

This week I picked my three sunflowers I had grown from seed.  The big ones are 7 inches across.  

In this part of my garden I have these two Amaranth plants growing out of my bricks.  The little pot to the left has my morning glories I got blossoms on this week, growing them from seed.  Off to the right of the large Amaranth, I have a miniature lemon tree that is about 2 feet tall, but is chock full of lemons!  Hard to believe.  

This week I made a small move of a side table from out in the other room, to right where I sit and stitch.  John built this for me long ago, it has a nice large surface, and is solid oak.  It also houses all my bead collection in the drawers.  It makes me happy to have moved it, and my stuff isn't falling off the table all the time.  Yes we have a lot of movies.  John liked to collect them.  This whole 10 foot wall is lined with movies behind the sofa, going up to the ceiling.  

Daughter Katie told me about Cinderella which is now showing on Amazon Prime if you get that.  Cinderella is one of my favorite fairy tales.  And it is free with Prime.  

I am really enjoying this musical.  It has contemporary music.  So far I have heard Perfect, Material Girls, and a tune by Queen.  

Last week Kristen, Keaton and I rented the musical In the Heights, and it was also very good.  We love musicals!  

That's all for this week.  Thanks for stopping by!  


Nancy J said...

Sunflower stems sell at the florists here for NZ $2.50 a stem!!! Lovely table, so good to be able to move it where it is so handy, and the lemon tree, we have small feijoas and a lemon, the feijoas had fruit last year, no lemons yet.

Kim said...

I must say I love musicals, too. Goodness your sunflowers look so bright and happy in the vase; and how fabulous you have flowers growing in bricks! I love it when that happens. I always think Mt Rushmore is an amazing monument. Dinner sounds rather delicious. Your dinner of seafood chowder and focaccia bread sounds delicious. It rather sounds like dining at a restaurant. Enjoy your stitching. Fabulous you now have the drawers close by to get all the pretties you need as you stitch. Oh, I forgot.....your Fall cushion is gorgeous.

Design Originals by KC said...

I love the nest you have in your living room with that spectacular table! You have lots of movies… that is nice too! My hubby too loved collecting movies and had all the James Bond ones … I love how your stitchers turned out. Love the fly stitch on your secret 🤫 project and your sunflowers and plants look so nice! We are getting cooler weather in the am and pm as autumn starts to settle on the mountains here! Have a happy Sunday my friend!

Birthe Marie said...

I love musicals too. Sunflowers are beautiful, and great to be able to take them from the garden and into a vase. Lovely stitching, both the chicken and the secret you are stitching. Maybe it's Christmas presents? Enjoy and have a nice week.

Sherrie said...

Great spot to sit and stitch. My son collects movies too.
I love your cute. Have a great day!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You certainly have had a busy week. I visit to the Farmer's Market is always delightful . So sorry that you was not able to enjoy the little Mexican restaurant. My favorite one here closed down recently too. Super cute tea towel- lol I can relate sometimes. And love love love your stitching spot. Have a great week.