Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I eagerly awaited Sharon announcing the concept and color palette for the February Take It Further Challenge! Sharon's chosen concept for this month is "What Are You Old Enough To Remember?"

This is the color scheme:

When I first read about this month's challenge, I started jotting down things I remember. I was born in 1950, and while we didn't watch THAT much TV, I started remembering the shows we watched.

Howdy Doody
Jack Benny
I Love Lucy (especially the one where her and Ethel were on the chocolate making production line, and the wine crushing episode)
Queen for a Day
Shirley Temple movies
Margaret O'Brien movies
Mighty Mouse
Father Knows Best
Leave it to Beaver
Mickey Mouse Club
Captain Kangaroo
Our Gang
Three Stooges

My brother who was 3 years younger than I had to get his pick of shows too, so I watched
a lot of:

Sky King
Sea Hunt
Roy Rogers

I also remember the night President Kennedy was elected, I peeked out of my bedroom while the TV was on.

I remember the night the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show, and the excitement in gym class the next day.

I remember the Cuban missile crisis, and the tension surrounding those days.

I remember the day that President Kennedy was shot and the announcement on the loud speaker in home economics class, and the shock and sadness afterwards.

I remember standing in line 12 hours in Washington, DC to walk through the capital rotunda to view his casket, it was very cold and I remember snow on the ground. (We lived in Maryland at the time).

I was going to do a little collage this month with a 50's TV, cut the center out and do a collage of these various shows.

But the very first thing I remember is my mother. I was born when my mother was 18 years old. She had been married 10 months when I was born. I remember my mother singing to me "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck I do". I was about 3 years ago when I remember my mother and father running around the apartment. My mother was trying to get away from my dad, he was trying to tickle her, and she was very ticklish. My mom died almost 11 years ago, and I miss her still.

So this month, my block is in remembrance of my mother, and I am going to use the color scheme also.


Susan said...

Karrin, what a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing this month's challenge with extra special anticipation.

Lea said...

Oh, What a great idea.
A lot of TV dramas that you wrote in here is my favorites.
I'm a "TV LAND" girl and I'll show you Why am I "TV Land" girl one day. :-)

CONNIE W said...

Hi, Karrin, Just found your blog today and popped in to say hello. I enjoyed your list of TV and other memories and I remember every TV show listed too. I read about your Dear Jane quilt, I must say I am quite impressed, it's fabulous. I only recently began the first few blocks of this enormous project. I am also making the Bluework 2008 of Bea's.
I'll be back to visit you blog again for sure! Connie W