Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been working really hard on this project I started in Asilomar in 2006 which was a class I took from Judith Baker Montano. The end of December I received an e-mail from Judith (as did other students), inquiring if we were finished with our projects, and if we could send a finished picture of our project by the 19th of January, she would like to include our projects in her next book, in a student project section in her next book which comes out in May 2009. If we do this, we are to receive a copy of the book. So I have been working like crazy to finish this up by Friday the 16th so I can e-mail the finished picture. I replaced my original lighthouse becaue the other one was falling off. I am close to putting a bunch of yellow flowers in the foreground but am laying in some folliage behind it first. I am watching the grandsons all day on Saturday, so I really need this done before that time.

As for my craft room/office redo, the carpenter who is building the cabinets (DH) has not been feeling too energetic this week, but he did get the
shell of 1 cabinet done.

I managed to totally empty this bookcase and the corner section. I need to empty this 10 gallon fish tank, and a larger 30 gallon fishtank which sits beside my desk and move them to the counter in the spare bathroom. This bookcase is going to be used in another part of the house. I can't peel the wallpaper in this section until I do this, maybe today.

I don't want to take too much time away from my sewing time though.

I did manage to peel down this section by the door. At the bottom of this photo is the top of the other fish tank I need to move.

This turquoise color was the color of the room when this was Katie's bedroom. When I made this room my office I papered it with the beach house wallpaper with lighthouse borders at the top. In peeling this off, I decided I really love this color.

I had planned on doing some faux painting, but then in looking through my books, I got this idea in my head to crackle. I had planned on painting over this color (assuming the wallpaper came off totally clean), and then painting over with an antique parchement or some cream colored paint and having the turquoise show through. It peeled off sort of clean where I could get to it on this wall, but if you look over the doorway, that whole wall hasn't. The white is all stuff I need to get off, and I am still peeling. So I am going to have to do the 3 step method, paint, crackle layer, and then overcoat of pain that crackles through.

I need to get over to Lowe's which is about 10 to 15 minutes away. My Home Depot yesterday didn't have the crackle stuff, or much of anything else I was looking for. We'll see if I can get off early today, or might have to wait until I finish my lighthouse project later on this week.


Gabriele said...

Karrin, your Lighthouse landscape quilt looks great. Can't wait to see a picture of it when you're completely finished with it.
Your remodel of the room doesn't look like fun right now, but I'm sure you'll love it once you have everything back in place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your project is growing, I think! It'll look wonderful when you finish - your things always do.

I hope this project is almost finished, or you have a lot of time tomorrow. I'd love to see the finished photo, too.