Saturday, June 02, 2018

2018 Finish-A-Long, Q2 - 3rd Project finished, Kyleigh's Graduation

These past 2 weeks have been busy ones.  First I got a frantic call from Kyleigh asking if I could fix her jeans.  

She just wanted top ones on the left leg to be patched.  I first put interfacing on the inside and then made the big patch.  She was thrilled, as they are her favorite jeans.  I have a feeling she is going to need the right leg top hole fixed too before too long. 

Last night was Kyleigh's graduation from high school.  Quite exciting around here, and hard to believe she will be leaving in the fall for college back east.   It was hotter than blue blazes last night but we are so proud of her and all she has accomplished.  I am going to miss her terribly!

This is my third finish in the Finish-A-Long.  My list for the 2nd quarter Finish-A-Long is here.   It was a flimsy I had finished in 10/06 called Primitive Lilies by Patchwork Pieces.  I saved it for so long as I wanted to quilt something special in all those blank blocks, and I did, but I cannot capture it in the pictures.    I plan to gift it to one of Kyleigh's friends who admired Kyleigh's quilts I have made her in the past.  She was trying to get Kyleigh to part with one of them since I made her graduation quilt.  


Karrin Hurd said...

This is a work-around to Blogger not notifying me of comments.. Hopefully this will allow me to reply to comments.

Susan said...

Oh, I didn't realize that was the one for Kyleigh, I guess. What a great picture of the two of you together. Her jeans made me laugh .. that she only wanted that one part patched. =)

Allison said...

Very lovely finish - you should be proud! Stopping by from FAL

felicity said...

Lovely finish - congrats to your daughter on her grad!