Saturday, July 07, 2018


My proposed list for quarter 3 is as follows:


1.  Embroider 3 Redwork Nursery Rhyme blocks.  Recently I found a BOM project I started long, long ago.  I had 9 blocks out of 20 completed.  I gifted these blocks to my dear SIL to put together for her new granddaughter.  I told her I would finish up the embroidery on these blocks, and she could put the sashing on them and tie the quilt.  So I plan to get these 3 blocks done this quarter.  The story behind this redwork quilt is that a 10-year-old girl named Helen Wells produced a Redwork Children's Quilt i 1910 using her favorite nursery rhymes and storybook characters.  I plan to embroider Mother Goose, Three Blind Mice and Mary Had a Little Lamb

2.  Great Pumpkin Quilt.  This is another old BOM from 2006 that I fused the first 4 blocks down, but never sewed them down.  In fact part of my vines are falling off.  I would like to get these 4 blocks sewn down,

Picture of the whole quilt

Fused blocks needing to be sewn down

3.  Prepare and hand-applique 2 Flourishes Blocks, Block 8 and Block 9.  This is another old BOM project, a Piece of Cake Designs. I love to hand-applique.  Knowing this,  the quilt shop owner in my town asked if I would hand-applique this BOM and she would provide me with the pattern and fabric to make my own.  I made the shop quilt, and I got to block 7 of my own quilt and put everything in a bag.  

4.  QUILT OF VALOR:  I would like at least get a flimsy made for Quilt of Valor.  I'm not sure I will have time to quilt it, as I have a couple of trips planned, but I at least want to get it to flimsy stage.  I have some red, white and blue swap blocks I'm going to use.  I have quite a few blocks from friends Susan Nixon at Desertsky Quilting, and Moira McSpadden at  The Quilted Snail in looking at the labels.  


5.   I would like to finish up this crazy quilt block and mail it back to its owner.  I participated in a swap several years ago. and due to life issues, neither of us have returned the other's block.  I hope to get this one finished.  I still need to do the embroidery and beading on this one.  


6.  Doll Clothes for Klara's baby.  I plan on giving this doll to my youngest granddaughter for her birthday in October and I would like to make some clothes before I give it to her.  

7.  Cushion for Kyleigh.  My granddaughter Kyleigh wanted me to make her a cushion with this mermaid fabric.  Her birthday is in August and I hope to get it done for that, and before she leaves for college.  


8.  Sweater for Klara.  I also hope to start and finish this sweater for granddaughter Klara's BD in October.  It seems like a small project so hopefully will be able to complete it.


9.  Complete Penny Rug Project "O My Stars".  I got this as a kit.  Pattern came from Barb Adams and Alma Allen's book HIGDON CAMP-1924.  I have all the pieces cut out, just need to buttonhole stitch them together and then attach to backing.

Think that is it for this quarter.  This will keep me REALLY BUSY!


Susan said...

Karrin, that's a lot of beautiful things! I know how long some of them have waited, because I'm not that far along on the pumpkins, though Fran finished all the blocks, and I think the header, too. She also was working on some of the Flourishes blocks, and I don't know where I might find those nursery rhyme patterns, but somewhere I have some! American Hero quilts are always on my list, and I have a plan for one that I hadn't gotten to, in spite of it being on my goals list, and now I'm glad I didn't, because I found 3 star blocks that I think will lift it out of the ordinary! Your projects are wonderful, and I really want to see how that CQ block finishes. It's beautiful right now! With all that variety, you won't get bored. Best of luck finishing things!

Lynne said...

You have such a lovely assortment of projects. I am always impressed when I see how many different kinds of projects some sewists can do. I hope that you are making progress on your list and look forward to seeing what you have finished. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck!