Saturday, July 21, 2018

One Monthly Goal, Setback- What Happens to an Old,Old UFO

My One Monthly Goal for July was to finish to do 2 blocks on my Time Began in a Garden UFO, a BOM probably from around 2000.  I noticed when I was working on the centerpiece in June the fabric, which is a homespun, was a little fragile, such that I was not able to wrap fabric from the back of the piece to the front to do the binding, as instructed to. 

This week I have been working on the winterberries block.  Knowing the fabric was fragile, I backed the piece with a piece of black interfacing.  I almost finished with the embroidery and when my finger came through the fabric, in multiple places

The one below, I was going to try to cover it up with more chain stitches, but it kept ripping every time I stuck my needle in.

Below was how far I had come, I just needed to embroider the Winter Berries.

These are all the blocks I have finished.  I decided to continue on, I purchased some more homespun, and it is not the same shade of black, but I am going to complete the project anyway.  I could have cried last night when this was happening.   I have the Sunflower block prepared too, with the old fabric, and tried to see if my finger would go through and it seemed to be OK.  I ended up throwing away about 3 yards.  

I guess this is a lesson in letting UFO's sit for 18 years!

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Susan said...

Oh, Karrin, how heart breaking when you had done all that work on the block! I hope the other block works out okay. I believe Pooh would say, "Oh, bother!"