Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday Wait Loss 76

Jennifer, at The Inquiring Quilter this time for Wednesday Wait Loss is asking to see red, white and blue quilts.  Red, white and blue items are some of my favorites!  They also look great against my blue walls!

This quilt is called America.  I can't remember what book I got it out of, but still love it.  Finished it in 12/01.  This was quilted by Susan Nixon@ Desertsky Quilting when she was quilting for other people.  At the time she was living in Phoenix, AZ.  The stars are fusible applique, and buttonhole stitched down. 

This quilt is called Crazy about Boating.  This was my own creation.  I embroidered in bluework sailboats and sayings about sailing and created crazy-quilt type blocks.  This was completed in August 2001.  It was also quilted by Susan Nixon@ Desertsky Quilting.  I entered it in the California State Fair that year and received a second place ribbon. 

This one is called Lights Ahoy.  The center section came out of a book called All Hands On Deck by the Picket Fence, Richard and Debi Anderson.l  That year, we went up to Trinidad, California to visit friends, who took us to breakfast  down by the pier.  Right up the street was a quilt shop called Ocean Waves, which has since relocated to Eureka.  Anyway I convinced my husband and our friends we needed to stop so I could look.  On our way out of town, my husband stopped and I bought the 4 whale blocks and the lighthouses which I love.  The owner told us about this blue fabric that would be perfect for a border.  My DH asked if I wanted to get and I said no, 3 times, thinking if we spent money for it, I would not get to stop for a sandwich on the way home.  I also thought my local quilt shop would probably have it (they didn't).  So the next week, I called to get some shipped, and the owner said "Your husband asked you 3 times if you wanted it".  This quilt was finished in 2/99.  It is fusible applique and buttonhole stitched down.  It was also quilted by Susan Nixon.  It won a 2nd place at the California State Fair that year.

After I retired last year, I did a thorough evaluation of the piles of UFO's in my sewing room and found objects I had done the stitching on but had not completed the object.  These next 3 items are UFO's I finished up last summer.

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Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Wow! What a gorgeous collection! I really love America. Perfect choice of fabrics and such a simple, yet dramatic design. Those embroideries are wonderful! Congratulations on finishing them. Thank you so much for sharing these on Wednesday Wait Loss!

Anita Jackson @ Domestic Felicity said...

Your quilts are just so lovely! I especially like the applique stars and stripes! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Karrin! What fun to come over and see these quilts! Before I started reading, I scrolled down and was thinking, "These quilts look familiar." LOL It's so nice to see them again. You really do have a nice collection of Americana here. I never had a quilt of yours to do that I didn't enjoy the quilting.

Karrin Hurd said...

I'm having blogger issues again, trying to get comments sent tome