Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Val's Quilting Studio

I'm joining the Piggy Bank Challenge by Val at Val's Quilting Studio.

I'm starting out with this as my piggy bank.  Will have to see how I do with this, I do have a large water bottle in reserve.

Its an old tin I have,one in my collection of tins.

Not sure what I will purchase this time next year with my savings, but will probably visit a quilt store and have a good time.  I haven't been in a quilt store in at least 8 years.  I was retired last year, and so far am just working from my stash and projects I had started or set by to work on when I was retired.  

Am linking up with the Piggy Bank Challenge here at Val's Quilting Studio

Thanks for visiting!

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Susan said...

Karrin, that would be a great thing to do with your money next year! You really got carried away with that working thing. LOL I have a zoo cup I save in, but groceries are about the only time I use cash instead of the debit card, so it doesn't fill very fast. And my younger son keeps getting all my ones, so that doesn't help.