Sunday, August 28, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

Another busy, busy week has gone by.  Last Sunday we had a family birthday dinner for Kyleigh, daughter Katie and Martin, the French student who was visiting Kristen and her family.  I made two kinds of lasagna, a Tunnel of Fudge Cake and a blackberry crumble.  A lot of cooking went on that day and setting up the tables.  In addition, Kyleigh's boyfriend and Keaton's girlfriend came but I generally cook enough for two armies, so there was plenty of food and leftovers for people to take home.

I forgot to share last week, but Kyleigh passed her nursing certification exam, plus the week before, she had been offered a nursing job at a local hospital working graveyards, 3 days one week, 4 days the next week.  She was so proud because she found out about both before her 22nd birthday.  She starts work on September 6th.  

Monday I joined the Maidu Singers.  This is an activity that happens at the park across the street from my house.  They meet one day a week.  They were mostly all old songs I don't know, but will try to learn.  I'm going to get a notebook this week, so I will look them up and see how they go.  The group sings at local nursing homes in the area.

Wednesday was Community Service workday at my house.  We had about 6 people come help put labels on quilts, and we readied some quilts for the longarmers in our group.  

Thursday Kyleigh came over and we worked on scrapbooking.  She has some spare time on her hands now that she is out of school.  So we spent a wonderful afternoon scrapbooking and listening to tunes.  

Friday Kristen, Kyleigh, Jeff, Martin (the French Student) and I went to Half Moon Bay.  This was Martin's last day, he flew back home at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning  We had a wonderful day.  We went to the nurseries first.  I was in 7th heaven in the orchid nursery and brought home 3.  

This is the orchid nursery.  I'm in the back trying to figure out which ones I wanted.  This is Kyleigh and Martin.

We also went to this lady we know named Janice that sells succulents on one of the main streets in Half Moon Bay out of her yard.  We go there every time we go to Half Moon Bay.  These are what I came home with.  

When we went to pick up Kyleigh at college in May, outside her room there was this container, part of a gift basket outside sitting in the trash.  I asked Kyleigh about it and she said she was throwing it away.  I asked if she could drive it back home as I thought I could use it as a planter.  So she brought it home for me.  I drilled some holes in the bottom.  I thought I could plant my succulents in it, which I did.

Some more Half Moon Bay pictures.  We had a nice lunch, and finally went and sat on the beach for a few hours, took some walks.  It's so relaxing and peaceful.  

Martin got to the beach and fell asleep.  

Saturday Kyleigh came again and worked on scrapbooks while I worked on quilting projects.  This week I finished the elephant quilt.  I am having trouble reaching the scrap metal guy that asked me to make it though.  

What I will be working on this week for Slow Sunday Stitching is another Peter Rabbit block.  

These are the three I have finished so far.  I will be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.    Head on over and check what everyone has been up to.  

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  1. Looks like you had a great week with family and sewing and scrapbooking!

  2. you have sure been busy! nice to be busy though than bored

  3. Those Peter Rabbit blocks are adorable.

  4. That sounds like a fun and busy week! I am fascinated with succulents and should get some for our house - yours are really neat, Karrin. The elephant quilt is adorable! I hope you find the guy you made it for - his little one would really miss out on something special!

  5. I just love your Peter Rabbit blocks.

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Cute Peter Rabbit embroideries! You have a wonderful family.

  7. Anonymous4:45 PM

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  8. A busy week for you. The elephant quilt is really nice.

  9. The elephant quilt is gorgeous and I love your Peter Rabbit stitcheries. Lots of happy family times for you this week,