Sunday, September 18, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

Last week was a relatively easy week, other than Monday singing practice, and Wednesday pin basting for the guild.  

Last Sunday after the Begonia show, there were quite a few leftover plants, trays and trays of them.  I along with 10 other people offered to take some home and babysit them for a couple of weeks.  I first set them up in my living room on a banquet table but they apparently didn't like it in there.  They were real persnickety, and kept wilting, even though I watered them every day.  I don't know if the AC was bothering them or what was going on.  These are mostly the Rex Begonias with the really pretty leaves.  

I moved them to set by the patio doors, and on my kitchen table.  

The ones in the far background are mine on shelves by the bay window in the kitchen.  

Anyway they seem happier now.  I'll be taking part of them to the meeting next week, and part of them to a sale on October 1st.  

So with all my free time, I was able to work on the Peter Rabbit baby quilt that I need for a shower next Saturday.  I cut out four Goose Track blocks on my Accuquilt and sewed them together.  

After I got this far, I decided that setting the embroidered Peter Rabbit blocks with the tumbler blocks I had cut out was not going to work.  

So I pulled out this book I have had for a long time and decided to applique some rabbit blocks instead.  

I was able to quilt it today.  I'll have to get a better picture when I get the binding on.

For Slow Sunday Stitching this week I plan to put the binding on this and sew it down by hand.  

My daughters and granddaughter is coming over Sunday night and we plan to have a Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner and we are going to watch Elvis on HBO Max.  

I'll be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Head on over there and check out what everyone has been up to.  

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  1. Hi Karrin.. you make this quilt look sew easy to put together layer quilt and ready to bind! Enjoy your slow stitching and all those beautiful begonias :)


  2. Karrin, that bunny quilt is adorable! The applique and embroidered blocks look really good with the AccuQuilt block, and the checked border is perfect. I clicked on a closeup of those appliqued bunnies and they are so cute! Your Sunday night plans sound like fun. :)

  3. Your dinner and movie night sound fun. I have a black thumb... and tend to kill inside plants quite well. Your plants all look happy and healthy.

  4. Those bunnies are so cute!

  5. The baby quilt is darling, the appliquéd rabbits are so sweet, and ai love the center you created!

  6. Those rabbits are wonderful. Beautiful baby quilt.

  7. Love your little rabbits. It is a beautiful quilt.

  8. I love those applique bunnies. This quilt is adorable. I like the pieced center and the way you arranged the embroidered blocks. I have never been able to grow begonias indoors. They get leggy and then die. Yours are beatiful.

  9. What a cute baby quilt, Karrin. You made great with the appliqué and all, great layout. The begonias are liking their new place, you are babysitting them very well. Have fun wirh the girls.

  10. Adorable rabbit blocks.

  11. I have several planter boxes with begonias and am considering moving them into the house to winter over since they do not do well in the snow and ice.