Sunday, September 04, 2022

Get On Board With Sewing Blog Hop, My Day

To celebrate National Sewing Month, Brenda @ Songbird Designs  and Melva @ Melva Loves Scraps  organized the Get On Board with Sewing Blog Hop.  I want to thank them for including me in this blog hop.  The entire schedule is listed below, as well as the giveaways.

The challenge was to " Sew something that ties into the theme and then write about it:  Your “something” could have a tropical or surf feel.  It can be clothing, a quilt, a bag, a toy, or whatever you choose!  It might include some tropical themed fabric or novelty print… or not.

About my sewing history:  When I started middle school I wanted to take choir.  My mother told me I could take Home Ec and learn to sew and cook instead, "I can sing anytime".   The Christmas of my 13th year I received this for Christmas.  

A Singer sewing machine in a wooden case.  I sewed on this until my husband got me a Singer Touch and Sew in about 1973.  During high school I made my own clothes, plus clothes for my mother and sister.  My mother did let me use her fancy dancy Singer when she asked me to make her clothes so I could use the zig-zag.  

Fast forward a number of years, and I was married and had my first child, and I still made quite a few of our clothes with the Touch and Sew.  When I married, I discovered my mother in law made quilts.  She would cut them out with scissors and templates and could hand piece and quilt a quilt in a month or maybe a little more.  I loved the quilts she made me.  In about 1994 I took some classes at the local quilt store and started my own quilting adventure.  My dear father-in-law had developed Alzheimer's and I figured with her caregiving of him, I wasn't going to get many more quilts.   Some of the first quilts I made were for my Auntie in Arkansas, my mother in law, and my mother.  

I have a funny story to tell about one of my other machines.  One time I visited my mother in law in San Diego and we put my father in law in day care and went to some quilt shops.  She was a great garage sale shopper, and they used to go out every weekend and check them out.  She could see a garage sale out of the corner of her eye and ask to stop.   I asked her if she had ever seen a featherweight at a garage sale, and she she hadn't.  We were driving home that day and she got to thinking about a machine she had found at a garage sale in the garbage.  She asked the sellers about it and they said she could have it for free.  She paid $65 to get it serviced.  So when we got back home she drug out a machine from the closet, and it was a featherweight.  She said since my birthday was coming up, I could have it.  So  I took it home on the plane with me as a carryon.  

My Project for the Get On Board with Sewing Blog Hop:  I decided to finish a quilt top I had made in 2019 as part of a mystery Quilt Along that was given by Partners in Design on Facebook.  This was a group of quilt designers/bloggers on Facebook.  Every two weeks we received a new block to work on.  It was called Sew Lets Quilt Along, and I posted about finishing the flimsy here on September 5, 2019.

So I finished quilting this top which has a quilting theme.

This was what the backing was.  My dear husband supported my quilting or any hobby I took up.  He asked me one time if I liked this fabric and I said I did.  I thought he was going to get a yard, but he bought the whole bolt on Amazon.  It is a Timeless Treasures fabric.  

I am offering a giveaway.  A yard of the above fabric, and a mug rug.  All you need to do is leave a comment.  If you are an anonymous  person, I will need an email address so I can contact you.  One of my quilting friends will draw a name on September 12th at noon.  

Grand Prize Giveaway:  One person will win everything, which includes a $25 gift certificate from Gardensong Fabrics, $25 gift certificate from Rebecca Page, Aurifil thread, a digital pattern from Melva – Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail, a book, Fabulously Fast Quilts donated by Patricia from the Faith, Trust & Breast Cancer Blog, three stash builder bundles generously donated by Island Batik, and a crib sized Quilter’s Dream Dream Angel batt from Songbird Designs. Just leave a blog comment, but you can earn extra entries by following the additional prompts (these help us build or followers for the blog, Instagram, and Facebook! Enter through the Raffle Copter here at Songbird Designs.  The Raffle Copter will close at 12:00 AM on 9/12/22. The winner will be announced on the blog and will be notified by email as well! Good luck!!

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  1. Lovely quilt!
    How nice to have a supportive hubby! Isn't it great?
    Thanks for sharing your sewing history - and showing us your first machine! :-)

  2. Anonymous2:57 AM

    Love your quilt The fabric is awesome. So lucky you have a great husband!!

  3. Wow what a score with that Featherweight! I have read similar stories how people find them for little money at yard sales or was given one by a family member. I had asked my friend to keep a look out for any Featherweights if she happened to see one for a good price (this was bout 20 years ago). Well just bringing it up got her thinking that her mother had given her a sewing machine she had put away and she looked for it and lo and behold it was a Featherweight! I am not sure if she even uses it or knew how popular they are with quilters. Wish I could stumble upon one like that because all I see are the ones that people get and are selling for $500 or more! Not worth that much money to me. I could buy several vintage Singers for $500 and in cabinets too. I got carried away, lol!!! Your project is pretty too and the fabric and mug rug look great as well.

  4. I love this mug rug!! I am a sucker for mug rugs and not only use them all the time, I include them with gifts.

  5. I love the story of sewing machine and love that fabric and so nice your husband got you a whole bolt!

  6. Hi Karrin, what a great story, I really enjoyed reading about your sewing journey and the sewing machines. I love that your husband bought a whole bolt of that fabric! Your sewing themed quilt is so pretty - I bet you're glad to finish it.
    I am already having issues with folks not leaving their names with their comments on my blog - I hope you have better luck!

  7. Pretty machines and a lovely quilt finish.

  8. Such great stories about getting your Featherweight, and a whole bolt of cool quilt fabric!!! Nice finish on your quilt, too!!!

  9. I loved your stories about your mom and MIL, and how they helped you get started with sewing and quilting, Karrin! So fun to have that Featherweight, too. I love the quilt you finished for the blog hop! All those great sewing blocks - perfect for hanging in your sewing room. You're so sweet to have a giveaway, too. Fun post!

  10. What a great story and journey. Love the machine coaster.

  11. Our sewing stories are similar in origin. I started when I was young and bought a Singer FashionMate in 1970. It was my machine for many years. I love the featherweight story, too. I bought a friend's mother's machine...which I treasure and love to sew on the porch with it. Your QAL quilt looks fab - recognize my block in it!!! So exciting to see these quilts and what perfect fabric. You do have enough for many quilty projects, that is for sure!

  12. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com9:29 AM

    Fun to read your story, and it made me think of my own. Like you, I made our clothing, but my 1st quilt started when I became engaged. My grandmother gave me a top that my great grandmother had started for me when I was a baby. After she died my grandmother added to it to get it to twin size. But then it had sat until I was engaged. The pieces were cut, so I added to it until I got it big enough for a double size bed. I did this while sitting in dorm meetings:) Then my grandmother and grandfather had it hand quilted by a local church group for a wedding gift for us. Needless to say, this quilt has a lot of meaning for me. By the way I was named for the great grandmother who had started the quilt.

  13. Love the stories, Karrin. Your quilt is beautiful and the fabric John bought to you is perpect. What a lovely give away. What a pit I live so far away!

  14. Isn’t it great that you got to knock that ufo off your list! Gotta love a husband that supports our obsession - I mean hobby.

  15. thanks or sharing today. Oh but I love your quilt. And that backing fabric is so fun. your mug rug is wonderful. thanks for the give a way. that is funny about how you got your birthday gift. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  16. Your quilt is lovely! Thanks for sharing your memories too. Lucky you to have a husband who encourages your hobby. :o)

  17. Pam Richards3:21 PM

    Love your sewing quilt -- what an awesome husband!! Love it

  18. Such a pretty quilt and the backing fabric is perfect.

  19. Ooh, what a wonderful quilt to get finished up for the blog hop. And how sweet of your husband to get you an entire bolt of fabric!

  20. Love your quilting story, I received my first machine in 1976 a Sears Kenmore. I made most of my daughter's clothes and all of my ex-husband's shirts. Fast forward to today, I still use the Kenmore for quilting small objects and when sewing with denim. My everyday machine is a 1949 Singer that belonged to my 2nd husband's grandmother. Love your quilt and the backing is perfect for it.

  21. I loved reading about your sewing history, Karrin. I learned to sew on a Singer 201 that my mom received soon after she was married in 1938. It is still the machine I use.
    I hope you didn't resent not being to sing--because you sew and quilt so well!
    That's a sweet Featherweight!

  22. Karrin, I loved reading your story. Your first machine reminds me of my grandmother's machine that I also learned to sew on when I was 12. She would also draw and cut her templates from cardboard candy boxes that were emptied at their little country store. They were perfect for making quilting templates! My Granny was my hero! Thanks for those wonderful memories. That featherweight is such a prize as well! Thank you for sharing your finished quilt with us and I do love that backing at the label you made! Thanks for quilting along with us on this blog hop!

  23. So very cute and ah ha ha ha! He bought the whole bolt!!

  24. What a great story about the Featherweight. I also have one and my late hubby bought me a 301A for our anniversary a few years ago. I will treasure it always. He always teased me that if I sold my stash he could buy his beloved 1964 Mustang!

  25. I loved seeing your treasured Singer sewing machines! What a great story about the fabric your husband bought you, and a loving way to honour that by sharing with others! What a great quilt finish!

  26. I love that backing fabric! What a treasure of a husband you've got. I like how you finished your quilt. I remember that QAL, That was such fun. I wonder if there will be another one.

  27. Oh I love your singer and your quilt!!! They are both just beautiful! xx

  28. I remember that sew along, there were a lot of great finishes. It must feel great to finally pull your's out and finish it. I love the backing fabric, great finish.

  29. Hi Karrin, I enjoyed reading your little memory stories and about a special carry on item. You have great family memories like how kind your hubby was to buy you the whole bolt of that fabric. Lovely finish!

  30. Oh I love when you can take a treasured item and memory and make it into a quilt. Even though over the years I've upgraded my machines, each one of them have a special meaning to me. My husband would buy me fabric instead of flower when he was in the doghouse. They must love us!

  31. Such a beautiful quilt, wonderful memories and your Featherweight story made me smile. How marvellous that your husband is so sweet and supportive.

  32. How beautiful to still have your first sewing machine! I heard about our quilting predecessors using templates and scissors to cut out their patterns, hand piecing and quilting in what seems like a short time! It is their stories along with quilting books (fiction and non-fiction) that inspire me to quilt as well as use thirties fabric. I’m sure you treasure those quilts made by your mother-in-law! What a sweet mother-in-law you have!
    I love your quilt label. Is it printed on fabric?
    Your husband sounds like he was a dear and, yes, very supportive of your quilting habit! The Timeless Treasures fabric has a double meaning now, doesn’t it? 😊
    Hugs to you!