Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Music Blog Hop, My Day


I was so excited when the Music Blog Hop was announced hosted by the fabulous Carla @Creatin in the Sticks

This was the challenge that Carla gave us:  "Create something to do with MUSIC. Do you have a song that inspires you or a tune you listen to when you sew? Do you love a particular instrument or know someone who does?Maybe something, anything, is music to your heart.

Does your Mary have a lamb? Do you have music fabric you need to use? You decide!  
The theme is really your own interpretation, surprise us!"

The entire schedule for this blog hop is at the end of the post.

Music has been a part of my life as long as I remember. My father listened classical music. When I was 13 I received a record player for Christmas and 4 records, Sound of Music, West Side Story, South Pacific and Camelot. I listed to those over and over, and could sing the lyrics to every song.

When I got to Middle School I wanted to take chorus for an elective, but I mother said I could take Home Ec instead, that I could sing anytime I wanted. While I resented it at the time, I am glad that I learned how to sew and cook.

After we had moved to California our family life got pretty chaotic and music and books were my solace. I would play music for hours in my room. I joined the choir in my church, and taught myself to play the piano, when I was the only young person in the Sunday School room some Sundays. I recently joined a music group at the community center across the street from me and we perform at various nursing homes.

From the very first time I heard Neil Diamond I loved him. For my 21st birthday the guy I was dating at the time took me to a Neil Diamond Concert in San Diego.

When I first started dating John, my husband he played me Neil Diamond songs on his guitar, and I instantly knew he was the one for me. He also played Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Peter, Paul and Mary, James Taylor, and a little John Denver.

This was the guitar he had when I first met him and the one I still have today. It is a handmade Goya, a Swedish guitar made in the 60's.

John played throughout our marriage, until he injured his right hand fingers in a woodworking accident. While the fingers healed, the sensation was gone and he found it too hard to play.

He said this this song, Juliet reminded him of me.

And also this one, Play Me

When John was upset about life, he would play this one.  

Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Official Audio)
YouTube BobDylanVEVO
3 minutes, 39 seconds
Mar 11, 2019

When he got to these lyrics, he sang them so convincingly I thought he was going to walk out the door:

… So it ain't no use in calling out my name, galLike you never done beforeAnd it ain't no use in calling out my name, galI can't hear you anymoreI'm a-thinking and a-wonderin' walking down the roadI once loved a woman, a child, I'm toldI give her my heart but she wanted my soulBut don't think twice, it's all right

John  treated my passion for Neil Diamond by taking me to at least 19 Neil Diamond Concerts throughout the years.  I went to 3 more without him, but he always bought me tickets.  In the early days I couldn't afford to get programs, but I do have 15 programs from the concerts.  It was easier counting the programs than the albums, CDs and tapes that I have.  

When this blog hop was announced, I asked for this day, November 16 specifically.  This would have been our 47th anniversary.  John, the love of my life, passed away last April 29th.  And this is what I made to honor John, and the music he always brought into my life.  When he could no longer play the guitar, he loved watching The Voice, America's Got Talent and American Idol, and loved watching different musicians and bands on You Tube.

The top picture on the left is John playing for our oldest daughter, and the picture on the right is her daughter, Kyleigh sitting on John's lap.  The bottom right is our grandson John.  A number of years ago we had some family pictures taken, and John wanted to bring his guitar for a picture too.

I love different songs for different reasons, some for the lyrics, some for the guitar playing or instruments.   Sometimes my playlist comes up and every song that comes up reminds me of John.  The other day I had Still, by Lionel Richie, How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees,    When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole, and I Say a Little Prayer by Aretha, and I might have a Christmas song like Mary Did You Know.  

I want to thank again Carla @Creatin in the Sticks   for this wonderful hop.                                

Be sure and visit the other bloggers and see their creations and stories, the entire schedule is below.  

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  1. Karrin, a beautiful tribute for John, and your Music creation, a treasure.

  2. What a beautiful way to honor your beloved. The entire post was so sweet and you did a fantastic job on the quilt.

  3. Wow, Karrin, what a beautiful post. I echo some of your music history...got my record player for my 13 birthday with the Sound of Music album and Oklahoma! I went on to collect those other Broadway show albums too and could sing all the words. I don't drive past a corn field here without thinking, the corn is as high as an elephant's eye, LOL. Meanwhile, how John loved music and how sad when he injured his fingers. You made a great tribute quilt, a keepsake for the family. Hugs to you.

  4. Karrin, what a beautiful and touching post. I am so sorry about your husband, he sounds like he was indeed your perfect match. He left you a beautiful legacy of music to comfort you. We have somewhat the same taste in music, as I love all those songs you mentioned.

  5. What a beautiful post--I have tears in my eyes. I love your quilt, such a special memory quilt for your husband. I hope this day brings some especially good memories for you. Thanks for sharing your music and your life story.

  6. Your post is such a beautiful tribute and the quilt is amazing. My heart is full with the love you and John shared. Thank you for putting your heart out there and sharing so many magical musical moments. Memories are the best and music certainly reminds us of them.

  7. Oh my, I'm a little teary-eyed after reading your post. John sounds like a wonderful guy, and I'm so sorry about his passing. I was able to go to one Neil Diamond concert - he puts on a great show! I also got to see Camelot starring Richard Harris, which was a treat. Your quilt is such a lovely tribute to John. Nice post!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful story. That song of Bob Dylan I used to sing and play often in my younger days. So fun that songs connect us from different sides of the world.

  9. Loved your post, Karrin, and your stories about you and John, and the importance of music in your life! That's a beautiful quilt you made to honor John and I bet you have a special place for it in your house. I'm a Neil Diamond fan, too, although never saw him live in concert. So wonderful for you to have that opportunity!

  10. Oh my goodness Karrin, your tribute to John was so touching. My heart goes out to you. What beautiful memories and a gorgeous quilt to cherish forever. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us!

  11. Hi Karrin - what a poignant post. Lots of great memories and so much music in your life. Your quilt is the perfect tribute to John.

  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your quilt is a beautiful tribute.

  13. Thank you for being a part of this hop. I do love Neil, too, and it's wonderful that you made a quilt to commemorate Neil and your husband, also.

  14. Thankyou for sharing your touching story, and beautiful memory quilt.

  15. What a beautiful tribute to a good man and a deep love. Thanks for sharing your art and your heart.

  16. Wonderful post and tribute to John! Hugs

  17. Anonymous11:42 AM

    What a lovely post about your beloved and the shared love for music. Neil Diamond is a classic one and I can't even believe how many concerts you went to over the years. thank you for sharing your tribute project and sweet memories. I am so happy to share this blog hop day with you on your anniversary date.

  18. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Your quilt in John's memory and all the beautiful things you said about him show that he really was the song in your heart. I am sorry he is gone, but grateful for what you shared with us today. Hard to do but done so lovingly.

  19. John truly was the song in your heart. 19 Neil Diamond concerts is a lot and you can tell by every word in this post what a wonderful man he was and how much music meant to the two of you.

  20. So sorry to hear about John's passing. What a fantastic memory quilt you have made!!! Thank you for sharing your musical memories!

  21. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and quilt.

  22. I am so sorry about your loss. your projects are wonderful memories. thanks for sharing this lovely story about the two of you. music really is a special thing that God has given all of us.

  23. What a lovely tribute to your late husband.

  24. Anonymous1:03 AM

    We share even more than I knew. I never knew John played, but you did tell me about all those concerts! You got more in CA than I did in AZ. moods is my 2nd fave album, Tap Root Manuscript is my first. And I love Dylan! Thanks for sharing such sweet and precious memories.

  25. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I love the story behind the quilt creations. What a wonderful story and tribute to John. You should be proud of your creation and sharing such personal memories

  26. Music takes us to many places. your post shows a story of two lovers who shared so much. Thanks for sharing with us

  27. What a sentimental and heartfelt story. Your quilt label is also very nice.

  28. I thought I commented the other night, but I guess not. I was trying to do it on the phone, and may have just messed up. I was so touched by your post. I never realized John played and am so sad I missed hearing him. It's wonderful you still have that great guitar! I like that it's on the quilt, too. You saw lots more Neil Diamond in CA that I could in AZ, but he was always great entertainment and worth the ticket price. I also listened to LOTS of Dylan in college.

  29. I'm so sorry for your loss, Karrin. Your quilt is such a beautiful tribute to John. And what a beautiful memory that he always brought music into your life. Neil Diamond is a classic. I love all of his music! May you always remember the love and the music.