Saturday, November 05, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

This week was no outside activities for me.  I thought there was a guild board meeting, but it had been cancelled.   My tooth problems are taken care of, but I have had 2 migraines this week.  This is my bad time of year.  

What did happen this week was the start of my landscaping project.  The guys came a day early as we were supposed to have rain on the projected start day.  They were able to work 4 days nevertheless.   They probably have 1 more day to go to finish things up.  We are expected to be having rain a couple of days the beginning of next week though.  

This is out in front of the garage, I had a cinder block garden before, now I have rocks encircling my planned garden, and a tree.  They have to finish connecting up the drip irrigation and spreading out some more bark.  

This is down the side of my yard, I had two nearly dead birch trees and dead grass along this side.  I now have 4 Japanese maples, drip irrigation and bark.  

I had two camellias here, one nearly dead and most of my other stuff was in pots.  They used a bobcat to break up the dirt, and put in some nice top soil.  This has drip irrigation installed too.  Unfortunately when the bobcat was out here they knocked the cap off my sewer cleanout.  I pointed it out to them, and supposedly they cleaned it out.  Saturday morning I got up and used the toilet, and turned on the shower and the toilet started gurgling.  I went in the other bathroom and water was coming up in the bathtub, and that toilet had water oozing out along the bottom.   I had this happen before, and they were symptoms of a blockage.  

I called my home warranty company and set up an appointment.  After multiple calls to the contractor they assigned me to, and the home warranty company, I was told they had no one to come out till Monday afternoon.  My third toilet on the other side of the house was working okay.  I texted the landscaping contractor, and next thing I knew, he had taken the cap off and cleared out a small plug of mud.  Everything is working fine now, and it was so nice for him to come over and clear it out.  I cancelled the home warranty appointment and saved $100. 

I also had 2 trees put in the backyard.  One is a pomegranate tree.

I quilted one of the Community Service quilts for our guild, but didn't get a picture before I packaged it up for a member to put on the binding.  Some people in the guild just like to contribute by putting on binding.

The other thing I worked on was this Flora Supply Case.  There was a sew along a month or two ago with Clover and Violet on Instagram.  I didn't have a chance to do the sew along at the time.  I am making 2 of these, one is a gift.  All I need to is put the zipper and the binding on.   I just used scrap 2-1/2 inch blocks.  

What I will be working on on for Slow Sunday Stitching will be one of two things.  A number of months ago, on the free table I found a baggie of these redwork ornaments that were in various stages of completion.  I picked it up, and intend to finish these up to donate at the guild this month.  They are having a boutique, selling things for the holidays.

I will also be working on this stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz.  She is launching a new BOM design, a Daisy a Day.    I get her newsletter, and can't find where I found this.  She made a little cushion, but I am going to make a pincushion out of this stitchery.

I will be linking up to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.    Head on over and check out what everyone has been up to.  

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  1. Your landscaping is looking good. I like all of your projects, especially those redwork ornaments that you are finishing.

  2. you have been very busy - so much landscaping- sometimes I wish I had someone to do our large yard - but it is too big and would be way too costly

  3. It seems like so much rigamarole these days getting work people but I'm glad you are getting your landscaping all sorted and even now trees planted. It will all be wonderful. l love those redworked ornaments and also your supply case...very clever of you to make. I get Jenny's newsletters too and enjoy her projects. If I haven't said so already, love the quilt in your header.

  4. That sounds like quite a landscaping job for you! So glad they fixed the sewer issue, too. Fun redwork ornaments! I bet they'll be popular at the sale. Have a wonderful Sunday, Karrin!

  5. The supply cases are pretty and great you rescue those charming red work ornaments. Your new embroidery project is lovely. Happy stitching dear Karrin.

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Love the red work Christmas ornaments. I am glad you picked them up and they'll get finished and loved :)

  7. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Lots going on with you! I like the way you are finishing those red work ornaments. Nice new project to work on. I haven’t visited Jenny’s site for ages, thanks for the reminder. Sarah quilting by the sea

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Your contractor was honest and responsible, what a blessing! Those red work ornaments are darling…they will be perfect for next year’s studio ornament!

  9. Anonymous7:57 PM

    So nice to have your yard freshened up! Glad the plug was taken care of fairly quickly and easily. You have lots of stitching to enjoy this week. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  10. The redwork is charming. I bet they will sell like hotcakes!

  11. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Ohhhhh, I really like those red work ornaments. I have red pieced blocks that need more blocks to make a top.

  12. Oh! I’ve only had one migraine and wow! They are incredibly painful! I hope yours are minimal during this time of year.
    Your landscaping projects look so lovely – despite the plumbing complications! What a lovely yard you have!
    Those redwork ornaments are cute – I may have to make some up!
    The Daisy a Day blocks are delightful!
    Happy Stitching!