Saturday, November 21, 2020

HQAL, Slow Sunday Stitching, Giveaway Prize

Since the last check-in for Hand Quilt Along I did finish my Father Christmas top, which I had previously shared.    The Father Christmases were all hand-appliqued.  I started this around 1999 with the guy up in the right hand corner, and he has hung around my sewing room lonely until around 2018 when I started working on a few blocks at a time.  I am thrilled to finally have the top completed.  It probably won't be quilted until next year.  

While this was not hand work, I also completed all 12 blocks of the QAL by the Sea by Partners in Design.   The last 4 blocks, and all 12 blocks together.  I have a plan for another larger block, but this also will have to wait till next year.

I finally got one more tea towel embroidered this week.  These are iron-on transfers from Quilters Revolution.  

I was also able to finish up a couple more blocks from the Ella Maria Deacon from last month.  I am trying to finish the last one up, as next month's have been released, which I probably won't be able to get to till after Thanksgiving.

The hand-quilting and stitching links are below.  Check out what everyone has been doing!

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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I will be linking up with Slow Sunday Stitching @ Kathy's Quilts.    Check out what everyone has been doing there too.   I will be working on my last Ella Maria Deacon block, and I also have another Stitcher's Revolution prepped to stitch.

This week has been a  hard one again.  My husband has been home, is till bed bound.  He has had BP issues this week, being too high, but it is probably because he has been in bed.  It is not usually this high when he is sitting up.  This has necessitated calls to the Dr., changes in medications.  

We have had multiple therapies coming in everyday 2-3 which take up most of the day.  I am helping him with some exercises in bed.  Home Health has been worried enough about him that they have are coming all weekend.  We collected a specimen for urine testing today, and hopefully that is clear.  He is still eating poorly off and on, though this evening he asked for more pasta which is good.  But his appetite has been up and down.  

I finally picked up all my quilting stuff out of the kitchen and dining room to get ready for Thanksgiving.  BIL Roger has been a big help with John and helping me move furniture to clean carpets.  I had hoped to get a few more things prepped for hand sewing, but I am tired, and couldn't get myself to do it.  

I was able to get an appointment on Monday to get a cortisone injection in my knee.  My knee has been hurting so bad at night I can only get 2-3 hours of sleep, and it has been killing me with the barometric pressure changes.  

One bright spot this week has been a package I received from Tasmania, Australia this week from Kim @Sarah Lizzies.  I won one of her beautiful Parisian boots.  Her pictures here do the boot justice.  I won the cream colored one.  My picture does it no justice at all, poor lighting on a gloomy day. The boot is exquisite, and came after a particularly stressful day with mix ups with a couple of the therapists coming over, and things seeming to be falling through this way and that.  I love the boot, and so much appreciate Kim and all the work she put into it.  It made my day for sure, as did her beautiful note!

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure and visit the other links above.  


  1. Hi Karin, ive been keeping up with what you’ve posted about your poor hubby. My goodness, it is quite a journey you’ve been on. As hard as it is for the patient, it is also difficult being the number one caregiver. Try to take care of yourself too in the midst of this. Hopefully your hubby will improve soon; fingers crossed that will be so. So happy you got that special gift!

  2. Oh my, knee issues bothering sleep on top of everything! I hope the shot helps. So happy your BIL is there to help you out. Thinking of you all and hope this week is a better one for everyone. Your EMD blocks are amazing as always.

  3. I am amazed you stitched anything this week.I do love the Santa quilt, and what a wonderful treasure the boot from Tasmania is. That came right when you needed it. I’m glad Roger is still there and able o help out. Please take some time for yourself this week. I know how the constant strain can wear you down. We’ll keep praying.

  4. I am sorry you have had such a tough week. I am sending you a hug and prayers. Good for you to get some things finished! It is so great to have a lovely distraction.

  5. I've been thinking about you so much this last week! I'm glad you are getting some outside help with your husband, it is such a worry. Kim's boot is gorgeous and lovely for you to receive such a great gift. Your projects are lovely and I look forward to seeing what you add to your seaside quilt. Take care. Xx

  6. It is amazing what you accomplish, Karrin, especially considering the week you had. Hope your husband begins to show some improvement this week, and that each day gets a little better for you both. I love your Father Christmas top - and what a good feeling to finish a long time UFO!

  7. Congratulations on getting the Santa quilt top done. I am glad you finished this part as I am old world Santa lover. My hubby hasn't been well so I know the the strain and stress so take care of yourself too and hope things improve. I enjoyed that you combined so much into this post. It was fun to see all you're working on. It's all wonderful. Your work is beautiful.

  8. I too, am amazed you were able to do any stitching this week. Your finished Santas are filled with whimsy and loveliness and the QAL By the Sea always makes me smile; it is just so much fun! I am so glad that your little boot arrived on which was a difficult day. My goodness it arrived rather quickly. It must have travelled on the wings of an angel. I will be sending lovely thoughts to you every day this week as you deal with the stresses and concerns with the care of your husband and your painful knee. It is wonderful that your brother-in-law is there with you this week, especially as it is Thanksgiving. Please take care, lovely Karrin♥

  9. Really love your tea towel.

  10. Santa quilt top is beautiful as are all others projects you show us, I've loved the embroidery tea towel.
    Hope you and your husband feel better soon I am sending prayers your way.
    Take care of yourself.

  11. Sorry, to hear that your hubby isn’t feeling so well. I’ll add you to my prayer list.❤️ Love the santa quilt !! What a sweet boot.

  12. I love the Father Christmas quilt! Such a great variety of poses for Old St. Nick. I'm glad you received such a pretty gift to cheer you up on another difficult week. Hoping for more improvement for your DH and your poor knee. Being in pain at night is no fun, I know!

  13. Your Father Christmas quilt is stunning. You've got some very fun projects in the works. Hope you were able to get your injection, it's hard to cope when you can't sleep and don't feel well. Fingers crossed that Your Guy is doing better and was able to enjoy some time with his brother.