Saturday, July 31, 2021

Slow Sunday Stitching

It's been a month since I last posted on Slow Sunday Stitching.  I haven't been doing a lot of slow stitching of any kind.  I was sort of in a funk for awhile and just binge reading, or binge watching TV at night.  I have kept busy during the days first making my projects for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop which I posted here.  I made some gnome Christmas items.  I've been collecting gnomes for awhile on Pinterest and these guys are made with wood slices, wood beads,  faux fur and felt for the hats.  They are all glued with a glue gun, but I flunked Glue Gun For Dummies with my tendency to burn myself all the time, so I sewed the hats.  These were found here:   Ruffles and Rain Boots.  

I've also participated in some family activities.  There was the graduation party for Grandson Jaeger, and it was a fun evening.   They had a bucket of little signs we were supposed to pick up and hold in front of us.  It was a really nice party.  They had a pulled pork food truck come in, with tacos, or french fries topped with pulled pork and other ingredients.  Mine pulled pork french fries were excellent.  The end of the evening, Kristen my daughter announced that if you wanted seconds that the food truck would be leaving soon.  I didn't want seconds, but I ran out and got a meal for the next day.  

Jaeger, Dawn John's oldest daughter, me and Katie

Kyleigh and Jaeger

Me and all five grandchildren

At this party was Mrs. Stenklyft.  I am probably spelling her name wrong.  She happened to be daughter Kyleigh's elementary teacher, and also was Kyleigh's later.  When Kyleigh was in her class they were called the Sharks I think.  I made a classroom quilt with all sorts of sea life, and Mrs. Stenklyft said it was still in her classroom.  

Jaeger and Aunt Dawn

Daughter Katie painted this for Jaeger.  

Dawn came in the night before the party, and as Katie and Kristen were busy, came over to hang out with me.  Dawn's husband Elvin died in 2020, so we both shared a lot of what we have been through.  The party wasn't until 6 pm the following night, so Dawn came over the next day too.  On Sunday Kristen, Katie, Dawn Klara and I met at a brunch restaurant up the street from me, and enjoyed a delicious brunch before Dawn headed back down the road to Southern California.  

I've been watching Klara and her brother John 3 days a week.  Last week Klara came over with sniffles.  Two days later, I had a full blown cold and by Saturday and Sunday I was miserable.  By Monday night I was even worse.  I had no taste, smell, I never ran a fever, but I had a bad headache.  I also had a tightness at the bases of my lungs, I thought I was developing pneumonia.  I have had it 3 times before so I recognized the feeling.  I had thoughts of going to the ER but didn't want to go around up there and wait.  I called the advice nurse the next day, and they thought I should be tested for COVID.  I just called to see if I could get a chest x-ray.  Unfortunately my Dr. was off so they set me up for a test.  The last time I got one, before my eye surgery, they had some drive through tents, that you just drove through.  You could stay in your air conditioned car, and be comfortable while you waited.  

This time, you had to get out of your car, masked and wait in line, in the hot sun, at 90 degrees.  It happened to be a bad air day with a lot smoke in the air.   After waiting outside about 15 minutes though the line inside went pretty quick.  And the test was negative, as I suspected.  I just had a bad cold.  The feeling in my chest went away and I am almost back to normal thankfully.

So what I have been doing the last several days are two projects.  One I am quilting this quilt for my brother's BD, which happens to be August 1st.  I warned him it would be a little late as I had been sick last week.  I started on the frame with the Juki, but it was having a hard time, and breaking thread every few inches.  I finally took it off, and I am working on my Bernina off the frame.    

Also what I have been working on are my laminate floors.  I am really picky about getting scratches, and trying to keep them looking nice.   My laminate floors have really taken a beating the last several years.  This one big scratch happened when EMS coming to pick up my husband John scooted a piece of furniture by the front door across, and it made a big scratch.  I didn't even know it was there until I moved the piece of furniture out of the way.  The floor got really dull near the kitchen when my kitchen floor was replaced and grout from the new floor was tracked on it.  

I was able to move it out of the room with one of John's dollies.  I asked Jaeger to come help me clear the room, but he was busy, so I managed to do it myself.

I had purchased a refinishing kit and have been removing probably 15 years of built up wax, trying to get down to the base laminate.  Yesterday it took me about 4 hours to do about 6 feet, using the liquid plus a sponge with roughness on one side.  The video showed a demonstration of putting the liquid on, waiting 5-6 minutes and mopping it off.  Doesn't work that way for my build up.  I am putting the liquid on for about 5 minutes, wetting it a little more and scraping it with a rough pad, and then letting it sit for about 4 more minutes.  Then going in and getting as much off as you can, but needing to scrape it with a scraper.  I got the rest of one hall, and almost 1/3 of the front room.  I need to do 2/3 more of that room, plus 2 short halls.  I am having my house appraised sometime soon, and my goal is to have my floors look super.  

I did get the part done over by the front door and in front of that bench, which I am not able to move by myself.    

What I will be working on for Slow Sunday Stitching are the same two items, which I have barely touched in a month.    Knitting a washcloth which has a bird on it, and the Kathy Schmitz embroidery piece.  I will be linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Head on over and check out what everyone has been up to! 

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  1. Lots of work on your knees, and if that is the finished floor, it shines!!!Go slowly, a little at a time will work wonders. Lovely to catch up with family, our younger daughter and s-in-law left today and will make their way back to the far south where it might be ZERO Celsius on Wednesday a.m.

  2. It is lovely to visit you again, Karrin. It looks as if you have been enjoying fun times and celebrations with your family. My goodness it sounds as if you are having a helluva of a time with your floors. The floors you have done look great. Your little gnomes are cute and the quilting on the whale quilt is fabulous.

  3. It's good to read a post from you, and find out how you've been doing, Karrin! It looks like you've been keeping busy, which is good. The party for your grandson looked like lots of fun, and the photo of you with all the grands is precious! The floors look great - that's a lot of work. Hope you have a chance for some slow stitching today!

  4. I'm glad you are ok. There will be up and down days. You have a lovely family Karrin. Love those gnomes, so cute!

  5. Looks like you had fun at the grad party. That is an awful lot of work on your floors. They look fantastic though. All of those gnomes that you made are adorable.