Sunday, April 03, 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

This week was a free week for me, I really had no plans.  I began by cleaning out my fabric closet.  I was looking for fabrics for my brother's lighthouse quilt.  My next round is going to be Storm at Sea blocks.  I wanted to check my closet for fabrics I had in a quantity for the blocks, before I went  out and bought fabric.  I have been trying to work from my stash as much as  possible.  I ended up going through all the fabrics and straightening them up.  They have a tendency to dump over.  I put some cardboard in between some of the rows to keep them straight.  These fabrics are rows , so if I really want to look for something I have to take the first row out.  

While I was doing this, I sorted out fabrics I no longer want, to put on the free table at the quilt guild meeting next week.  

While I was in the midst of this an email came through from the quilt guild asking for blue and yellow fabrics for a project for the guild.  We are going to make blocks to support Ukraine.  They are giving out baggies next week with cut up fabric for us to make a block.  One of the ladies in charge of this lives down the block from me, so I walked some blue and yellow fabrics down to her.   Alice told me about fifth Wednesday community service day for the guild.  They meet a church and work on community service quilts.  They had 7 bins of small quilts to be quilted.  You just need to bring a sewing machine and get to work.   So I went and worked on a quilt, which I finished up at home.  By the time we left, there were only 2 bins of unquilted quilts, and the head of the group was thrilled.  

This is what I worked on.   I have the binding to work on for this week for Slow Sunday Stitching.   I also have binding on some mug rugs to work on.  I will be linking up at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.    Head on over and check out what everyone is up to!

They were handing out baggies a couple of months ago with fabric we were supposed to make things out of.  It could be a bowl cozy, a small quilt, a walker bag, or anything we can sell in our boutique.  This week I worked on my projects.  I am going to save showing them for the Foodie Blog Hop coming up because they are appropriate.  

While I was down at Alice's house the other day, she said that she brought 3 baggies home that were left.  Since I had my project almost done, I offered to take another baggie of fabric.  I have them in the wash right now, but I think I will make a small dialysis quilt with these.  

This week I also made a spring gnome.  It was supposed to be a bunny gnome.  I had bought a kit, and I didn't find instructions for the bunny gnome but one of their other gnomes.  Anyway I used the other instructions, and had already glued the hat on, and I wasn't able to do the bunny ears.  

The two bunnies in my header were dolls I made years ago.  I was attending a doll making class and our teacher mentioned that Hallmark had Crayola bunnies.  So we inserted the doll heads and hands into the Crayola bunny bodies.  

March 31st daughter Katie and John and Klara came over for dinner to spend with me.  We ordered some Chinese and had a great dinner.  This was the day I took John to the hospital last year for the last time.  On April 5th we will  all be celebrating John's BD at Carmelita's our favorite Mexican restaurant.   Last year he was in the hospital.  Katie and I went through old pictures and spent a couple of hours reminiscing.  

This week, I also got the Storm at Sea blocks cut out for brother Bill's lighthouse quilt.  I got one put together and it went together wonderfully with the Accuquilt die.  

Back in the early 2000's I started a lighthouse quilt for my own bed.  It started out as a wall hanging, then I had some sailboat blocks made by some online quilting friends.  Our group used to make blocks for each other's BD's.  You provided the fabric and the block you desired.  I got this far, and then I was going to put on Storm at Sea blocks on next.  

This is the quilt.

I started making Storm at Sea blocks, rotary cut, and they were coming out horribly.  This is one of them.  Anyway the project has been in a plastic bag for years.  

I would really like to finish my quilt.  I have never made a quilt for my bed.   All of the bed sized quilts I have given to family.   So I am thrilled that the Accuquilt die is going to help in piecing accuracy.  

This orchid continues to make me happy.  It is so beautifully reblooming.

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  1. Oh my but you make my head spin with all that you accomplish! I love your gnome and bunnies. They are so cute!

  2. Your Lighthouse quilt is so beautiful--just absolutely lovely work ..Storm At Sea is such a challenging block, I think--I tried to make one years ago and it ended up being cut up for my scraps bag!! Whoops!!:((( Yours are looking lovely...hugs, Julierose

  3. sounds like you need to make a quilt for your bed - since I started to make quilts many years ago I always have one for me and then if I grow tired of it it will find a new home elsewhere

  4. Lovely fabrics in your stash. Cardboard between rows a great idea. Certainly all your charity sewing makes a difference for those in need. Storm At Sea quilts are one of my favs.

  5. Sounds like you've had a good week and gotten lots done! That's a cute donation quilt design. Your two lighthouse quilts will be beautiful with the Storm at Sea blocks. So glad you have a better way to cut for those tricky blocks! It's wonderful that you have your daughters and families close by to reminisce with and help you through these weeks. Hugs!

  6. Lots of variety in your quilting life. I would probably never attempt Storm At Sea blocks without precision cut pieces. Hope yours turn out splendidly.

  7. That’s a great cupboard full of wonderful fabric! Great to get all those tops quilted for charity. Love your quilt blocks!

  8. I am amazed, Karrin, that you have never made a quilt for your own bed!! I just assumed you had a cupboard of bed-sized quilts. I must say I love those sailboat blocks you have stitched on the quilt that has been languishing in the plastic bag. This is going to be a lovely quilt. Love that Storm at Sea block, too. A bittersweet time for you and your family. How nice you can all reminisce the plethora of wonderful memories of John. So, so many beautiful memories♡

  9. I have those two Crayola bunnies, but I didn't take them out this year. I like your fabric stash. I like that blue/green Spongebob quilt.

  10. Such a super cute spring gnome and I adore the bunnies in your header. Enjoy your week working on your quilt.

  11. Your new storm at sea block looks great. The Go cutter is your best friend on these blocks! Enjoy your stitching this week!