Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Blessed Easter, Slow Sunday Stitching, Long Post


Happy Easter everyone, hope you have a blessed Easter!   We are going to have dinner at daughter Kristen's house.  I will be making cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs to go with the ham.  I look forward to seeing everyone.

For Slow Sunday Stitching this week, again I will be working on this Kathy Schmitz stitching.  Last week, I got caught up in getting my quilt guild entries ready, sewing sleeves on the back of a couple of quilts, and sewing the paper name tags on.  

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what everyone is working on!  

Saturday evening as I was looking through the TV to find something to watch, I came across Camelot.  When I was 13, for Christmas I got a record player and my father got me the soundtrack to Camelot, Sound of Music and South Pacific.    So when I put on Camelot, it was like old home week.  I now the lyrics to every song!  It has been so wonderful to hear these tunes again, although I forgot how sad it was.

Off and on this week we have had some much needed rain.  But I did get out and was able to get one of my garden beds weeded, plus it was time to cut my Naked Lady vegetation back as it was dying back.  I almost completely filled up my green garbage can.  

I was able to clear things out so the foxgloves have room to grow now.  

This week I was also able to put together the blue and yellow 5" blocks my guild passed out at the last meeting in our support for Ukraine.  

I also quilted this guild quilt.  I decided to leave it as it was, and quilted it and bound it.  So it is ready for the May meeting.  

I also pieced this quilt top.  It will be one of my contributions of the Hands2Help this year.  

Daughter Kristen asked if I had any more Star Wars fabric leftover.  She requested I make a mug rug SIL Jeff.  I just had bits and pieces and this is what I came up with, pretty simplistic.  

Daughter Katie asked that I make Klara a bowl cozy of her own.  She is the one that uses it the most in her house.   So I made this.  She loves purple.  

I also pieced this small quilt top for Hands2Help.  I made sure the parts were in the proper place this time.  

This week on Facebook, I discovered my name had been chosen by two of my long time Crazy Quilting to have their CQ block embellished by them.  I just needed to piece a block.  So I got out my CQ fabrics and made a big mess in my sewing room.  These are the two blocks I pieced.  

I have been keeping busy this week, to keep from reflecting on this time a year ago, when I brought John home from the hospital.  Kristen asked me this week to send her some pictures of John on the boats he built, and our boating adventures.   Every time I look  through old pictures I keep coming across this one of John back in the 70's.   Whenever we went to a hospital function and they had dancing, John would be out on the floor dancing.  All the women wanted to dance with him as he was really good and I was a crappy dancer.  My mother told me I had no rhythm, and I took her words to heart.  But anyway this picture was John at one of the functions our hospital had, out dancing away.  I had this picture in my mind the other day while I was sewing, and a Bee Gees tune came on my Pandora playlist just at that moment.  That was generally what he was dancing to back in the early 70s, Saturday Night Fever.   Sometimes I think John is messing with me.  

This week coming up is a busy one.  Our guild is having its show this weekend.  I am helping people check in their quilts on Thursday night, and am working several hours on Friday.  Then Saturday is our neighborhood garage sale, so I need to get my items together, and priced.  I am going through the house and downsizing a lot.  Plus we have stuff in the garage we unloaded from our motor home that I no longer need.  It is doubtful I will get much sewing, other than hand sewing this week.  

Thanks for stopping by!  



  1. It sounds like a very productive week, Karrin. Pretty quilts! Love also your embroidery progress. So cute. The Star Wars mug rug is pretty cool!!! My son Will Love it.
    Happy Easter!

  2. I can't wait to see those two pretty crazy quilt blocks embellished!

  3. I love all of your sewing projects. Your embroidery is especially pretty. Your garden is looking great. Your cleaning out and downsizing will probably feel great once it is completed. I am sure John is just reminding you that he is watching over you. I hope you get some stitching time.

  4. It sounds like you've had a busy week, full of fun projects and good memories! Those look like great donation quilts. I love how green it is at your house - we're not quite there yet, but trees are starting to leaf out. Have a lovely Easter meal with your family!

  5. I love that second CQ block with the young lady peeking in there. You are such a busy lady! Enjoy Easter with your family and good luck with the quilt show and the garage sale this coming weekend.

  6. You have so much on and everything looks great, I can understand why you wanted to keep busy, anniversaries are the worst. I'm sure John is looking down on you, I had a dear friend who passed and I'm sure she messes with me too sometimes, she had a great sense of humour. I hope you have a lovely Easter.

  7. Your family Easter feast sounds delightful. Sad to reflect on the passing of your beloved hubby, but you are remembering the wonderful times too. Anniversaries can be bitter sweet, and I'm happy that you seem to have a lot of support from your family.

  8. Another busy, busy week on your radar. Those two CQ blocks are lovely. How fun to have others work their magic on each one. The Ukraine quilt is fabulous and you pretty embroidery is coming along nicely. Have fun at the neighbourhood garage sale. I hope a lot of things find new homes.

  9. So glad you are putting your quilts in a show for others to enjoy and be inspired by! It does take a lot of work, but it's so worth it! Enjoy your embroidery today!

  10. You had me at cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs - love them both! Love seeing all your work, good luck with the quilt show!