Thursday, March 26, 2009


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I am up to my neck in more renovations. DH got the new kitchen lights installed and they work wonderfully. His wallboard patch-job needed some help though. We had a company who had previously taken down about 1/2 of the popcorn ceilings several years ago (all we could afford)
come in and give us an estimate to fix the kitchen ceiling, fix a patch in the laundry room ceiling, and remove the popcorn from the ceiling in our bedroom which has vaulted ceilings. The estimate was reasonable, so 2 days ago they fixed the 2 patch jobs, and retextured the ceilings, and also removed the popcorn in our bedroom. Yesterday they came in and painted our bedroom. I need to paint the laundry room and kitchen ceilings (my job today).

To get to one section in our bedroom, John had to take down my doll case which extended the width of our bedroom along 1 wall, on top of a bookcase, that went up to the ceiling. So that is disassembled now and my doll collection is residing in the spare bedroom for now. Since I planned to remove the wall paper in our bedroom one of these days, and the doll case is already apart, I plan to go ahead and empty the 2 bookcases, move them away from the wall, and at least paint that wall and and then move it back into place. Then John can remake the doll case.

I really had not planned on doing this room this year, but since the ceiling is done, and the doll case apart, I might as well. This is a big job, as our room is wall-to-wall bookcases floor to ceiling, dressers, and a king sized water bed, so to get behind that wall, we are going to have to empty the bed, and then refill it. But that will be the last wall we do. I am going remove the paper and paint in sections. I still need to go over to Lowes and chose my paint color. Our wallpaper was a navy blue floral. The dresser and other doll cabinet John made for me I painted a blue and stenciled with flowers, so I need to chose a color that will go with my painted furniture.

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