Wednesday, March 04, 2009


My room update is nearing it's completion. John has both base cabinets finished now, the task today is to lift this 200 or so piece of countertop
up on the two base units. We did not have enough energy yesterday. We got it down the hall where it had been sitting since last week, and set in position here. He has an idea about jacking it up with a car jack. I think this is going to be tricky. I think we should ask the young guy down the street back to help, as he helped John bring it into the house the other day from the truck. By this afternoon, one way or another we will have this up. Then it will just be me getting my room back together. There are 2 fish tanks that are going to go on either end that I will have to empty, and fill back up in here. The center area will be my work space.

This is Debbie Smith's Birds and Bees RR I received the other day. It is one of the round robins I am participating on the Crazy Quilting International group. I will be the first one to work on this block, and an still deciding what I want to do.

I had another squishie in the mail last week. My friend Susan had someone give her some pinks and she shared them with friends. I ordinarily don't buy pink because I don't care for it, but I also occasionally need some. So this was a great gift. Susan has been getting more of her DSQ beautifully dyed threads into her Etsy shop here.

Tonight if I have any energy left after all the lifting activities, etc. I hope to be able to finish Susan's stocking in the RR that I am in with her.
I have 1 more finishing touch, and it will be ready for Candi.

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