Monday, March 23, 2009

Under the Sea-Pam's Block

This was what I have been working on this past week. I am in an Under the Sea round robin on CQI, and in this one you send around 6 blocks, and the participants get too choose the one they
want to work on.

This month I worked on Pam's blocks. Pam is from Cornwall and this block she called Cornish
driftwood. She had added the driftwood already. I loved all of her blocks but finally chose this one so I could fit my mermaid on. I could have worked on it a lot longer, but as I had my grandson Jaeger all day yesterday I was playing games with him instead.

Last week, John also finished the new kitchen light project and the lights are wonderful. We might have to have someone to come in and texture the wallboard to get it to match the rest of the ceiling, or at least have estimates. I spent an entire afternoon cleaning everything in the kitchen getting that fine chalky dust from trimming the wallboard to size. I love the results, I can see, instead of being in a cave. Those fluorscent lights haven't worked for a long time right.

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