Wednesday, January 09, 2019

What I've Been Up To, 2019 Assesment

Recently Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts had a 3 day challenge, cleaning off your main surface work area, cleaning up a pile of stuff, and the third challenge was to perform a project assessment, noting your UFOs, etc.  I thank Shelly for motivating me to take a hard look at what I have.  I weeded out some projects I will never do, I don't know why I even got them.  I have a stack of stuff in my office to put up for sale, quilt kits, books and several BOMs.

I spent several days performing this assessment.  I tossed everything out of the top of my sewing room closet.  The top shelf, to the ceiling is about 3 feet tall.  I can stuff a lot of stuff up there.  Plus there is another area about 1.5 feet wide x 4 feet tall.  

I also have an antique dresser that is 40 inches long, has 2 drawers in it that are 13 inches deep and 15 inches wide.  I can stuff a lot of stuff in there too.   

These are the results of my assessment:

I have           

27 UFOs         Items I have already started. 

44 Quilt kits.   Most of these I have assembled myself at the time I bought a book and liked quilts in    it, collected the fabric and bagged it up.

28 BOMs         Not started

21 Crazy quilt UFOs   A lot of these were block swaps on Crazy Quilt International,  plus a Crazy      Quilt Journal Project

14 Wool Projects    Not started

3 Quilt tops            Need Quilted.

What I have been up to this week is working on the Good Fortune Mystery by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.  

Not a great picture,but it has been dreary and rainy and the lighting in this room is not great unless the sun is shining. Today I plan to work on the orange alternate blocks.

I'm going to be in 2 upcoming blog hops, Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop by Beaquilter the endof February and Quilt Qwazy Queens hosted by Marian at Seams to be Sew in March.

I've been working on my Dust off a Quilt Book project.  This is a project I have wanted to make, since almost I started quilting.  I'm making it for DH,who has to sleep in a hospital bed in the living room due to mobility issues.  Right now I can't show my project, but I can show one portion that is giving me fits.  This book uses templates for the pieced elements.   A large part of the quilt is applique, so that is no problem for me.  

It needs to fit at the bottom of one of the background applique blocks I am doing.  I was very careful, in trying to keep the points.  It is 1" too big.  I made it a second time, it is 1 inch too big.  DH told me just to cut 1/2 inch off either side.  But that would cut off the points.  I wanted to use that brown star fabric in the middle one.  And I have about consumed it.  I can't use it a third time I don't think.

One funny thing happened.  This one background I had this much left

I realized I needed 2 more triangles, and four 1 inch squares.  I cut the squares out of the long one.  

Then sewed my remnants together and cut out the triangles.  Hopefully I won't come across anything else!

Well that is it for now.  I've got my 2019 Finish-A-Long List ready for another post.  

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Deanna said...

Such an exciting list! You are sure to have continual inspiration. Shhhh...but I, too, have pieced in a pinch. Once assembled and quilted it will take a knowing eye to notice. And most of those knowing eyes will belong to someone who has done it themselves.

Susan said...

I am in awe of that list and total! You will have a lot of things to work on, but you aren't keeping all of them, right? So how many are going away? =) I know that if you couldn't get that pattern to come out the right size, I would have botched it completely. It's a great hint, though. I'm going to be interested in seeing what you've wanted to do that you are finally doing. =)

K Reeves said...

The Good Fortune quilt will be beautiful, and all of those projects are a little scary to me, but you produce twice as fast (at least) as I do, so I will enjoy watching the progress!