Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 Finish-A-Long, Quarter 1 Goals

The 2019 Finish-A-Long is about ready to start.  You can go to Marci Girl Designs and see a list of the global hosts.  I really appreciate this Finish-A-Long to keep me on track!  Thanks so much to the 2019 Finish-A-Long hosts!

My goals for this first quarter of 2019 are as follows:

1)  First two Nutcracker months.  I just started getting this BOM, and would like to get the first two months made.  This consists of making all the large star blocks, and making all the chain blocks.

2)  Embroider ast three Redwork Nursery Rhyme Blocks.  It's impossible to take a picture of these, and I no longer have the patterns. I have Simple Simon, Yankee Doodle, and Little Bo Peep left.

3).  Applique Flourishes BOM #10 block.  

4)  Finish embroidery on Take Me to the Sea, a design by Kathy Schmitz, and make into a pillow.
This is where I am at right now.    I liked the one I did for granddaughter Kyleigh, I needed to make one myself.

5)  Make another section of Sweet Land of LibertyLori at Humble Quilts is going to have another Quilt-Along on this quilt soon.  Mine looks like this so far.

6)  Make project for Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop @Beaquilter.  My project involves a book from 1996, I apparently bought it about 4 years after I started quilting.  It is a flannel project, and I have been saving blue flannel for years for this quilt.  I have always intended to make it for DH, as the theme is right up his alley.  I intend to get this project to at least a flimsy.

These are some of the fabrics used, and below is the strip that is giving me fits.  This book uses templates and I am not sure they are accurate.  I have made this piece twice and they are both 1 inch too long. The background piece it attaches to is correctly cut.  DH told me just to take 1/2 inch off each side, but that would cut the points off.  Going to see if I can redraw it.  

7)  Project for Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop at Seams to be Sew in March.   I have an idea of finishing up one of my many crazy quilt UFOs for this.  It involves baskets.  A number of years ago, I was in swaps at Crazy Quilt International and we would decide on a theme for a round robin, make 6 blocks, and pass them around to 5 other people who would embellish them.  I am going to finish my block, and get this together into at least a flimsy These blocks are made out of wool and embroidered.  

8.  Cherry Quilt to Flimsy.  In assessing my studio closet, I found these cherry blocks, and cherry fabric set aside.  My goal is to get these to flimsy stage and I plan to donate to charity.   I have about 16 blocks made up.  

9.  Good Fortune Mystery to Flimsy.  This is the Quiltville Mystery for this year,  This is where it is right now.  

10.  Applique 1 Father Christmas block.  This is the one I have prepped and ready to stitch.

11.  All Things Bright and Beautiful UFO.  Finish to flimsy.  I came across this in the closet too.  I think I am 12 done.   I just need to find the instructions for the rest of the pieced blocks.  A group of us on Yahoo Groups at one time were working on this.  I know I have the instructions somewhere. It would have been nice if it was in the same bag the fabric I set aside for this was in too!


Sherry said...

Wow! What a varied group of projects you have going.

I love the whale embroidery.

Good luck with finishing things, I look forward to watching your progress.

Marti said...

That's an impressive list, and none of them look easy. All beautiful though. Good luck with your finishes!

Cathy said...

That’s a nice list with a lot of variety! I was in a wool RR with baskets in CQI too. We’re we in the same one? I remember stitching in a gray basket, I believe. Anyway, I love the Butcracker quilt pattern and envy your progress on Good Fortune. It’s on my list, too, but probably won’t see any action until March. Have a good week, Karrin!

Cathy said...

Hahahahaha.... I meant NUTcracker!!!

Karin said...

That is a very long list of beautiful projects. Good luck for the first quarter

Karen said...

I have some nursery rhyme embroidery patterns that I have meant to do for ever and a day. Just no time for everything I want to do.

Thistle Thicket Studio said...

I love the colors of your Quiltville mystery quilt! And so impressed with all of your embroidery projects (I don't seem to have the patience for handwork!). A great list of projects to accomplish. On behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts, thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long!

Susan said...

Lots of great goals, and I know you are already making progress down the list. I don't know how many of the nursery rhyme blocks you've finished since you sent me the patterns, but I'm almost done with the second one -I'm so slow!