Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hand Quilt Along

It seems that these last three weeks have raced by.  Sadly today I don't have much I can share.  I'm participating in the upcoming Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop hosted by Bea at BeaQuilter February 18-22.  My day is Wednesday the 20th.  I have been working daily piecing the parts of my quilt that are pieced, and hand appliquing and embroidering the details.  

We had tons of rain earlier this week, and I discovered that part of the gutters in the back were unhooked from the back, pouring water over the sides and dumping it right by the house.  The part of the house that has a sunken living room, where my disabled husband spends his days and nights.  We have had trouble with this room before, because of cracks in the foundation, of water seeping up from the foundation.  We have replaced the carpet once about 8-9 years ago.  But anyway, a portion of my week was spent cleaning out the gutter downspouts, and screwing the gutter back up where it was loose.  Hopefully we won't have this problem anymore this year.  But the room is starting to smell moldy.  The carpet is damp and I have towels all over the place.  These repair issues are things DH used to do.  I spent quite a bit of time looking for the socket that fit the screws on the gutters.  

Anyway, the book I chose for the Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop is something I wanted to make since it came out in 1996.  I have had flannels set aside for this quilt for years.  I'm making it for DH,and it involves quite a bit of applique.  In the book, the applique pieces needed to be enlarged 203%, much to much for my printer.  So several weeks ago I went up to the Fedex Copy Center and asked for help and the guy in the section where you copy it yourself helped me.  I came home and proceeded to applique 4/6 of these blocks with what he gave me.  I kept wondering why there was so much background left in the main unit, which I had appliqued and embroidered.  Then I was preparing the 5th block and I saw the size of the unit in the book and realized there was no way what he did for me was 203%.  So that one I did myself on my printer and taped the pieces together.  But the large unit, I took back up to Fedex and spoke with a guy who has been there for years, ever since my daughter worked there when she was in college.  He copied that piece on a large scale copier and did not charge me since I made 2 trips!  

I found I do not have any large enough pieces of that background to put the new unit on, and no other backgrounds that would fit it with the original color scheme I had, so I picked off all the applique and embroidery which probably took about 3 hours.  DH said just put the new one over the old one, but I am appliquing flannel on a flannel background, and it would just poof up too much.  

So right now, that is what I am working on as handwork this week.  I should be finished with the flimsy in this project in a few days and I should have plenty of time to quilt it before the blog hop.  

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This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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Shasta Matova said...

Oh how frustrating to have to make two trips to the copy center and to have to undo applique and embroidery! I hope the rest of the project goes more smoothly.

K Reeves said...

Unpicking!!!!NO!!! I'm sorry you had to do that, and I feel your pain withe the unscrewed downspouts. We had a leaky roof that ran into one of the walls until this summer, and DH has had some health issues as a result, also from spending too much time in the basement. After the last episode, I tore the carpet out of the downstairs and we hauled his recliner up the stairs into Girl #2's bedroom. Happily, it has now been 18 days since the episode, and he has not taken any medicine for a week. There is hope! said...

UGH!! Ripping is the worst! Now that it's done, you will be able to finish it the way you want.

Karen said...

You have talents that I don't. I wouldn't have known how to do anything with the gutters.

I enlarge at home on mycomputer using a free program called IrfanView. You have to enlarge sections at a time and tape the pieces together so not a help for you if you want one larger piece of paper for your pattern.

Susan said...

Oh, how disheartening! Many hours to put it on, and more to take it off. I'm so sorry you had to do that. I'm glad you could take care of the gutters, but it's a shame it happened at all. I hope you were able to get the carpets to dry out. When you own a house, there's always something, isn't there? I know you missed having John available to fix it, but I hope he didn't feel too bad that you were doing it.