Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wednesday Wait Loss

It has been awhile since I linked up for Wednesday Wait Loss @ The Inquiring Quilter.  Right now, I am working on many projects  by hand and machine.  One of  them Bonnie Hunter Mystery Frolic.   

I actually have 6 blocks done, many, many more to sew together.

The other project I am actively sewing by  machine is sort of a drEAMi  (Drop Everything and Make it) sort of project. 

This is where I sit at night to hand sew.  It is sort of a chaise lounge off to the side of the couch.  The couch is made of a corduroy type fabric, and one section under where I sit split on the low part, and I ironed a patch inside.  That corrected the defect, but sort of puckered up the surrounding fabric and I don't like to look at it.  So I covered it with one of the first quilts I ever made for my husband.  It was called a shaded nine patch I think.  When I scoot off to get  up, it becomes untucked all over the place and it is getting very annoying.

So my brilliant idea for this drEAMi was to make a quilt, sew it up to that point that the armrest is and just tuck the top part in.   I will probably put velcro at the very top, and just tuck the part under the armrest in. 

A long, long time ago (2005) I was in a Yahoo Group with a bunch of quilters, and we had something called Lotto.  We would have a certain focus fabric and make a block of your choice.  Then there would be a drawing and someone would win the blocks. 

Well one month I won the blocks, so I searched  for those in the closet and drawers and found them.

This was the focus fabric.  I think we had intentions of it being a Christmas quilt, but these are fine with me for my slip cover.  All the blocks had this fabric in it.

Here are the blocks I won, there were 15. 

I wanted to do a shaded alternative block, and I made 40 of those yesterday.  

I've been working on the kitchen table with a tablecloth on it.  I guess it is better to use a larger mat when trimming the blocks, because I discovered this today!   I went right off the mat and onto my table cloth!

The quilt will eventually look sort of like this.  I need to make 24 more pieced blocks and I can start piecing it together.  

I also recently started Pieces from the Past Sew Along @Melva Loves Scraps.   This Sew Along will end in March of 2021, and I decided it would be perfect for my grandson Jaeger's  graduation quilt.  The first block was a signature block.  I will wait until I find out the date he graduates and put that in then.  

This was the first block.  Instead of 30s fabrics I will be using more masculine type fabric.

As if that wasn't enough, Barbara Brackman's new applique BOM started today, Cassandra's Circle.  I found some fabric I have in my stash I'm going to use for background, will just need something coordinating for the borders. 

I'll be linking up for Wednesday Wait Loss @ Inquiring Quilter.  Thanks so much Jennifer for this inspiration!


  1. I like the "Wait Loss" name!

    I wish I could sit on a chaise type chair. It looks so comfy. But, alas, my spine problems make sitting with my legs out like that very painful.

    I popped over to Melva's blog. Never have seen it before. I printed out the pattern and will try at least one block.

  2. So many lovely quilts and ideas in this post, Karrin. Good luck with figuring out a quilt type cover for your comfortable lounge chair. I will enjoy seeing your efforts with these stitch alongs too.

  3. Looks like you found the perfect solution for your chaise! And it looks like it belongs there, so warm and comfy. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.