Wednesday, January 08, 2020

2019 Finish-A-long, Quarter 4 Results

It's time to link up Quarter 4 results for the 2019 Finish-A-Long.  There are a number of global hosts, but I am going to link up at Throw a Wrench in the Works.  I really appreciate this quarterly motivation to get my projects finished.

Back in November, I stated my goals here in this post.

1)  Quilt and Bind Nutcracker Suite.   Completed!  I posted about it here.

2)   Project for Stitch it and Gift it Blog Hop.     Completed.   I made a number of projects, including bowl cozies,  microwave potato bags, and mug rugs.  You can read about it here.  


3)  Klara's Mermaid Bag.   Completed.  I finished a bag for my granddaughter for her birthday.  You can read about it here.  

4)   Sweet Land of Liberty BOM for October, November, and December.  I kept up until December, and this goal was not done.  

5)  Ella Maria Duncan BOM for October, November and December.  Completed.   All three months of the BOM are shown here

.  .  
6.  Buhl-Bushong BOM for October, November and December.   Completed

October posted about here  

November/December's assignments were this border.

7)  Hospital Sketches, Redo block and make a plan for the quilt.  Completed.

I wanted to redo the bottom middle block, I did not like it the way it was.  I did redo that block, made a plan and it is now a flimsy.  I talk about it here.

8)  One Stitch at a Time Quilt put together and quilted.  Completed. These were stitcheries by Kathy Schmitz.  I put them together for a quilt for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  I talked about it here.

9)    Christmas Panels made up.  These were some panels I purchased from  long ago on sale, I wanted them made up for our daughters for Christmas.  Completed

10)  Quilt Crow's Foot top.  Completed.     I posted about it here.

11)  Quilt Fall Into a QAL.    Not done   About this time, my machine I use for quilting decided it needed a 3 week spa break, and I had to pack up my frame set-up so we would have a place to sit for Thanksgiving dinner.  

12)  Mermaid wallhanging for Kyleigh for Christmas.  Not done.  Granddaughter Kyleigh loved my mermaid wallhanging, and I had planned to make her one for Christmas, but ran out of time.  

13.  Virtual Cookie Exchange Project.    My day was here.     Completed. I basically made some cookies for the project.  I did some redwork that I eventually gifted as a mug rug and picture.  

So I was able to get 10/13 of my goals done.

I'll be posting my results at Throw a Wrench in the Works.


  1. That's a lot of stitching done.

  2. That is a VERY impressive body of work, Karrin! Do have a cup of tea or coffee and savor your finishes!