Saturday, May 09, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching, What I've Been Up To

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing any mothers out there a blessed day!  I look forward to seeing my daughters and grandchildren in the driveway tomorrow.  My oldest daughter Kristen and granddaughter Kyleigh came over Saturday afternoon with some yummy cupcakes and a beautiful foxglove plant, one of my favorites!  They plan to bring the boys over tomorrow.

Most of my week has been spent trying to get another H2H comfort quilt done, this one for Mercyful Quilts here in Sacramento.  This one consisted of a bunch of swap blocks I had leftover.  I used the Star Kissed QuiltAlong from Wedding Dress Blue to make the center block.  That link should provide all the steps.  I really liked this block and will probably do many more.  This quilt has many sized blocks and it took some doing to get it together.  Then after I got the  main quilt done I realized that I had put two vertical rows on wrong.  So I ended up unstitching those yesterday and finally was able to assemble it properly, and add the borders.  I would like to make 1 more quilt top before I quilt these three tops.  

My cutting table is a mess.  I have left stuff on there, as I want to cut these scraps up and sort them out in my Scrapsaver's system.   I might just stuff them in a bag again.  Or might wait until I finish the next quilt.  Right now I am too tired to think about it.

So what I will be working on for Slow Sunday Stitching this week is something I can't really show right now, but it is my yellow project for the Stitching Sunshine Blog Hop hosted by Carla @ Creatin in the Sticks in June. Here is a tidbit.


I also have Kathy Schmitz's design from the One Stitch At a Time for May traced out to work on.  I haven't start yet.  I love this one!  

I'll be linking up for Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.  Head on over and see what everyone has been up to!   One of my favorite things to do on Sunday!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Karrin! Those cupcakes look like a sweet treat! Your swap blocks made a really nice donation quilt, and I'm sure someone is really going to love it. I love the peek at your sunshine project, too!

Sarah said...

You have a scrapsaver system! I'm impressed lol! And a lovely gift of cupcakes and a plant, lucky you!

Kim said...

It is strange isn't it, chatting to 'children' in one's driveway for Mother's Day. Those cupcakes look delicious; such a beautiful thought. I love the messy-ness of your scrap bundle. I wonder what you will do with them. =) Your H2H quilt is beautiful. Someone is going to love this beautiful quilty hug. A very Happy Mother's Day to you. Enjoy your stitching!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Happy Mother's Day! I saw a neighbor had a foxglove growing and now I plan to see if I can get one to survive here. They are so pretty. Oh those scraps, I have a big box and can decide what to do with them. Ugh! A sunshine project is perfect for these quarentined times.

Deb A said...

Pretty foxglove and yummy looking cupcakes. Glad you are able to visit with your family still. What a fun scrap bundle you have waiting for you.

Jill said...

Driveway visits work for me! Your foxglove is beautiful as is the patriotic quilt. You did a fine job putting the blocks together. Sometimes, I put my scraps in a clear plastic shoe box which is easily stored and I can see the scraps at a glance. Looking forward to more details on the yellow project.

Karen said...

Those cupcakes look yummy. Now you have put me in the mood for a piece of cake and I have none. Did they taste as good as they look?

Nancy said...

How sweet of your daughter and granddaughter to bring you such beautiful cupcakes. Upon seeing them I immediately when to the kitchen to see if I had anything nearly as yummy to eat. It's probably just as well that I don't!
Great finish on your H2H quilt. Someone will love it!
I can hardly wait to see what you've got going with your Sunshine blog hop quilt!