Sunday, August 11, 2019

Slow Sunday Stitching

These weeks have been flying by, and I don't know where this one went, other than I had 3 appointments this week, which took up part of my days.  I also watched the grandchildren 2 days before they headed back to school.  

It's time to check in again at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Part of my week has been spent in applique prep work.  I still need to trace around my freezer paper, but I have it ironed on my fabric.  

First up is this month's assignment for Sweet Land of Liberty.  I have everything cut out, and have been slowing working on stitching the pieced blocks.  I have the applique block prepped and ready to trace around the pieces.  Lori from Humble Quilts had a quilt-a-long last year on her blog, and is giving us the assignments/hints on the Quilts by Cheri Friendship Group on Facebook.

I've also prepped the pieces for this month's assignment of the Buhl--Bushong Quilt, which is from the Virginia Quilt Museum's collection of quilts.  It is being offered as a BOM download from the museum's Facebook Page. 

I still need to trace around them, but they are all ironed on the fabric.

My main focus this week has been daughter #2's BD gift.  She said she wanted me to do a crazy quilt piece with a vintage mermaid.  I found this one free vintage image with 3 mermaids, but it was sort of faded out, so I have spent the weekend enhancing the image a bit.  I had an assortment pack of various silk, organza pieces that were pre-treated, and can be run through the printer, which I purchased from Dharma Trading Company.    I noticed I am almost out, and need to reorder.  I usually use these sheets when I am working on CQ

After I finished off working on the mermaid section, I started embellishing with laces and stitches.  My friend Nicki Lee does gorgeous hand-dying of laces and motifs, and I have an assortment of her goodies.  Her shop is here.

Two days this week, I spent embroidering out the little poem. which I actually copied off a stencil I had, onto some teal fabric, using some variegated thread.  The trouble with that was that when it got to the light end of the variegated thread, you couldn't read the words.  
So I decided to print it off instead onto the last piece of pre-treated fabric from Dharma, which happened to be an organza.   

The poem reads:  "Through the rhythm of the waves, you can hear the Mermaids softly chanting their sea songs, gently whispering each to each Poems of the Sea"

Anyway this piece is what I will be working on this week, trying to finish it up.  My daughter's BD is the 24th, but they will be going to Disneyland.  Granddaughter Kyleigh's BD is the 17th so we wanted to have a family dinner.  We are waiting for Kyleigh to get back from a trip to Cabo with her BFF and her family to set the date for the dinner.  She gets back tonight.   

But I have a feeling the dinner is going to be this week, and I will need to get this piece done, and clean up my stuff so we can have some tables to eat off of!

Linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Be sure  and stop by and see what everyone else is doing!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Our mermaid piece is just gorgeous! It looks like fun to work on, too. Will it become a wall-hanging or something else?

Lisa J. said...

those hand dyed laces are just beautiful. They must be fun to work with. Your project is really stunning.

Sarah said...

That's a lot of prep work going on! Your mermaid piece is going to look amazing, such beautiful colours.

Robin said...

It's so great to see how other people are expressing themselves in art. There's no one right way to do it. This mermaid piece is is just fascinating.

Jill said...

Nice applique prep work. Do you use the starch method? Lovely work on the pretty mermaid. They are quite popular.

K Reeves said...

Beautiful crazy quilting!

Little Penpen said...

I love everything about your mermaid piece!! So pretty!!

Karen said...

Your mermaid piece is so feminine and pretty. I don't have the trims and beads to do something like this. It takes a bit of artistic flair to do this type work.