Saturday, August 03, 2019

Sewing with Kyleigh, I'm a Winner!

I've had several posts to write recently, but haven't had time to write them.  I keep thinking I will do it after the grandchildren go home on Mondays and Thursdays, but I am too tired.  So I have a flurry of posts this weekend.

The Friday before last, had a great time sewing with granddaughter #1.  Her 19th birthday is coming up, and she has been interested in sewing for several years, has tried to borrow her mother's sewing machine.  Her mother always says "Talk to Grandma".  We have had a difficult time scheduling time together this summer as Kyleigh has been a nanny to 2 girls, takes them to their swim lessons, plus swims herself to keep in practice for when she heads back to college. 

I decided for her birthday this year to give her my old Singer Touch and Sew, but wanted to make sure she knew how to use it, and make a simple pattern.  She finally had an evening off and we were able to spend some time together.  

Kyleigh has always been my special girl, is an artist,loves doing crafty things and I think she will be whiz at sewing.  

She did pretty good at staying at 5/8 inch seam.   We decided to have her make a simple bag.  She went through my stash, and finally ended up with a print I used as a border on her mother's quilt I made when she was 16!

Earlier this week, I decided she needed a sewing bag to put her things in, and I made this using Jenny of Elefantz's tutorial.  I'm going to fill this up with some notions, and give it to her on her actual BD

I never know where I am supposed to look on a selfie, so I look dumb.  But here is a pic of us together.  

Also this week, I found out I was a winner of the pattern of this Hexagon Table Topper from Joy @Days Filled with Joy  I think I am going to try to whip one of these out the next couple of days.  I have a friend I used to work with whose birthday is coming up.  Thanks so much Joy, you made my week!


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You DON'T look dumb!! You look lovely!! But I know what you mean, I'm not great with selfie!! So glad you were one of the ones to win the pattern :) xx

K Reeves said...

How wonderful to be able to work with your Grand daughter in this special way! You two look great together. 🙂