Thursday, February 22, 2024



The prompt for this week's round of the round robin was from Quilting Gail.    Her choice for this round was 4.  You can do whatever you want, but it must have the element 4 in it.  

My little magic baggie of parts I picked up from the free table at guild last year still had some things I could use surprisingly.  I put 4 units together, and made a few more, so I had 4.  Each unit has 4 different blues.  

These will be the cornerstones.  I am waiting to add them till I see what next week's prompt, and the last week's will be.  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That little stash from the freebie table has served you well! We are almost done with our quilt tops - exciting!

  2. Those will make great cornerstones, Karrin! I'm loving the pretty blues that are coming out of that baggie for your project!

  3. Love your cornerstones!!! they fit "4" perfectly!
    Thanks for Linking to SAHRR #5!

  4. Wow, it’s like your baggie just knew what the prompts would be!

  5. Oh those blues are so beautiful. How neat to put this together, Karrin. I love it.

  6. This is looking great. I'm looking forward to the next prompt and seeing what comes out of your magic bag :)