Sunday, December 16, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

I have gotten a lot accomplished this week slow stitching.  

I recently joined Kathy Schmitz's One Stitch at a Time Club and found this cute whale in the archives. I stitched it up and made it into a cushion for granddaughter Kyleigh.

I also stitched up this little ornament from Robin Kingsley's book Just Be Claus of Bird Brain Designs.    I am going to take some cookies to a former coworker and add this as a decoration.

Meanwhile in the ongoing saga of my embroidery machine.  I called on Monday, and they said to give them 5 business days to look at it.  So I called on Friday and found out that I need a new bracket for the embroidery unit, and it would take 1.5 to 2 weeks to get. and would be $439!  My machine is an older embroidery system, Artista 185.   I told the person I was talking to I was trying to get Christmas presents done.  She told me they had just taken a Bernina 730 in as a trade in that day and I could purchase that for $500.  This is a way newer system than mine.  So talked to DH and he provided me the funds.  So I went down and paid for it yesterday, and hopefully will get it back on Monday, plenty of time to get my gifts done.  They couldn't take a trade-in on a trade-in so I am bringing my old machine back home.  The machine works fine, just the embroidery unit needs a new bracket.  

I saw the machine yesterday.  My machine I had to take to my PC, hookup with cords to download designs.  This one has a USB stick I can just download onto that and put the stick into my machine.  
She said the person that traded it in was not familiar with Berninas so she traded it in on a Janome. 

So everything worked out well for me.  I took my machine in at the right time, they took in a newer machine the day I called to check on it, and I talked to Jennifer, the girl that took in the machine as a trade-in. 

Am looking forward to Monday and picking up both machines and getting stitching. I had looked at the new machines when I dropped off mine for repair, and I thought I would never be able to afford a new one.   I do have a machine to stitch on, my Juki that I use for quilting.  

Thanks for stopping by!    


  1. As a Bernina got a great deal! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I always have a hard time figuring out how to comment on your posts - forgive me...I really love the blocks you are doing in red for the baby quilt, so adorable. I have a baby quilt to start for a granddaughter and am debating what to do. I love your idea and may just go ahead with something like this. Happy Healthy New Year Karrin! ~ Sharon