Thursday, December 13, 2018

Good Fortune, Part 3

I've been working on the Good Fortune Mystery by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.

I started out well and followed the instructions/diagrams on 1/4 of the units.  

Then the next day I came back and started working on them again, and made 1/4 of them going the wrong way.  But I didn't stop there.

Yesterday I got 1/4 more of these chevron's 1/2 done when I noted my mistake.  And cut out more units.  

Right now, I have 3/4 of the units done and part of my bonus half-square triangles pressed and trimmed.

I still have this big pile to press and trim, but it will have to wait till later.  I have gifts to work on.

My Christmas catcus is blooming nicely.  You can't really tell here, but it has red and white flowers on the same plant!

Thanks for stopping by!

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