Saturday, March 23, 2019

All About Strings Blog Hop Coming Soon, Days with Klara.

I have been busily working on my project for the All About Strings Blog Hop starting on Monday, hosted by Carla at Creatin in the Sticks.    I've got the whole schedule listed below at the end of the post. 

I got to spend a two days with Klara, my youngest granddaughter this week.  She is 5 and her daycare provider had other plans.  She let me work on quilting for a couple of hours in the mornings and then we had the rest of the day to do some activities.  She helped me straighten out my applique threads, we sorted out the toy cupboard, and weeded out some baby games and toys, which I sent along to the daycare provider to use.  Also, on one day when it was sunny we enjoyed the park across the street for a couple of hours.  We also had a good time coloring some mermaids to send to her cousin Kyleigh who is at college near Boston.

Then I got out my bag of leggings Klara has outgrown and made a couple of outfits for her babies.  This is Dot, a dog she apparently made at one of those Build-A-Bear parties she went to.  I made Dot a pair of leggings.

Front of Leggings

Back with a hole for her tail.  Bad lighting this day, it was a rainy day.

I cut out a sleeveless t-shirt.

This was all of Klara's leggings I had left.

Klara and her babies.  

I also made some leggings and shirt for this baby.  Can't really see it, but there are unicorns on these leggings.  I also used one of Klara's tops that had a ruffle on the sleeve, and put it at the bottom of this shirt.  Her mother suggested I make some clothes and put them in her Easter basket.  

In our neighborhood, we are across the street from the 5 acre neighborhood park.  We have about 30 turkeys in one group that wander around everyday.  They start at the house across the street from me.  I'm standing in my driveway looking over.  

Then they come across the street to my driveway and front section and wander around eventually to my neighbor on the right.

Thanks for stopping by!   Again, below is the All About Strings Blog Hop Schedule.  

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  1. It is good to see someone making doll clothes. I used to make lots and lots of Barbie doll clothes. I have not made any in many years as the children and grandchildren are long grown. I loved playing with dolls and their clothes when I was a child.

  2. Those turkeys are amazing, just strutting around everywhere. The doll clothes are as cute as they can be. Klara sounds like a big help.