Friday, December 13, 2019

Oh Happy Day, Winter Blues Blog Hop

I've had a really productive couple of days.  I've been machine embroidering motifs on for sweatshirts for gifts, and other items.   But first:

The Winter Blues Blog Hop is coming up next month, hosted by the fabulous Carla of Creatin in the Sticks.  And while my machine was busy stitching today, I was thinking about what I was going to make.  I knew exactly what book it was in, and I knew I had blue and whites set aside for this project, for many years.    I pulled out the book, and there was a blue and white basket weave fabric.  I knew I had some, but didn't know if I had enough-3-1/2 yards.    I looked on top of this one cabinet, and there was the one I was thinking about,  and the "Oh Happy Day" part is I have at least 4 yards!

So here are a few projects I have been working on:

I took a premade table runner I had purchased years ago, for the sole purpose of embroidering something on it for a gift.  My daughter is having Christmas dinner at her house, so this will go to her.  

Granddaughter Kyleigh swims on the team at college, and her mother always attended her meets, as well as her brothers' meets.  So I embroidered patches to put on sweatshirts for Kyleigh and her mother.  One of Kyleigh's specialties is back stroke.  

Grandson John, in the 3rd grade school mascot is a husky.  So I did a sweatshirt for him.

Granddaughter Klara, in kindergarten loves unicorns.  This design was too large for the front, so I actually made a patch, and added a rainbow above the embroidery.  She loves unicorns and rainbows.  Her mother was told this week that Klara has mastered the kindergarten words, and was given a first grade spelling list!  We are so proud of that girl!

This isn't finished yet.  Klara is having a gingerbread party in her class on Wednesday.  Since her parents have to work, I am going to attend.  I thought it would be nice to make her teacher a mug rug, so I embroidered these gingerbread guys.  I still have to assemble the mug rug.  

So that is what I have been up to.  Granddaughter Kyleigh flies back from Boston on Monday.  We have set up Tuesday as our possible sewing day.  I'm going to show Kyleigh how to make her mother a pillow cover for the spring.  She is really excited and so am I.  I wanted to get my time in before she gets caught up in everything else.  She will be heading back on the 30th so we don't have that much time.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Oooh, I can hardly wait to see your blue quilt working! I know you had one sewing day with Kyleigh. I hope you got to see her a lot.